NSWRRC 6 Hour Regularity Relay

Sat 31 March 2018
2 days (31 March - 01 April)
Sydney Motorsport Park GP circuit
Stewart Temesvary, regularity_relay@mx5.com.au

The third running of this event is to be held on the Easter weekend of 31 March and 1 April 2018 on the Grand Prix circuit at Sydney Motorsport Park. Our club has already entered 9 teams with 38 drivers committing to the event. With the maximum number of teams possible at the event set at 40 this means almost 1 in 4 cars on the track will be a MX-5 Club of NSW members. This event is shaping up as the largest contingent ever to represent our club at a regularity relay multi-club event.

Currently there are no further positions available in our club’s teams for the 2018 event, but if you would like to be placed on a reserve list you should contact regularity_relay@mx5.com.au.

Teams 1 to 9 are representing the MX-5 Club of NSW.

NSWRRC 6hr Relay 2018 teams