9th Feb MX-5 Driver Training Day is now open!

15 January 2020 / Ian Combes

The first Driver Training Day of 2020 is on the 9th February, and we are still accepting entries!

The details are on the web page:


If you've thought about trying our track days, these driver training days are an excellent first step as first timers can have an adviser with them throughout the day. There is no timing, and you can drive at a speed that you are comfortable with.
Another excellent feature of these driver training days is that juniors are welcome (14 and upwards). We are still looking for more juniors to enter the event on the 9th February - we don't quite have enough yet to run a juniors group - juniors need their own group. All juniors will have an adviser with them in the car at all times on the track. All advisers with juniors will have Working With Children (WWC) clearance.
So if you have a budding junior competitor in your family who is over 14, give a thought to entering them in this event!