Harrigan's Irish Pub Run and Lunch

13 June 2018

MX-5 Club North Coast Chapter

Harrington Irish Pub Run 5 June

Tuesday 5 June started out with fine weather and a relatively clear sky. This was a pleasant surprise after the previous couple of days of heavy rain. The weather forecast for the day also predicted a 90% chance of rain however there was no sign of it in the morning. Six of us gathered at the Donut for the midweek run. Peter with his trusty unwashed NB, Pam and Allan in their gleaming Red ND, Graham had avoided washing his car by acquiring a beautiful blue BMW MX-5, and Judith and John in their Galaxy Grey NC.

Peter was the run leader and we followed him down the highway to Coopernook with tops down and heaters turned up. At Coopernook we turned right onto the familiar Lansdowne Road to Taree. Only Graham had spotted the highway patrol car heading North on the Pacific Highway on the way down. The road from Coopernook to Taree has been travelled many times on our runs going south and still evokes a smile, except when going over some of the potholes that we could almost give names to!! Our run today took us through the middle of Taree so those of us who hadn’t been down for a while could have a look at some of the revamped CBD area. After the township it was a leisurely run out to Wingham for morning tea at the Bent on Food Café in the Main Street. The food was delicious and highly recommended to anyone contemplating a run to Wingham.

From Wingham we made our way back to Taree to cross on the old road bridge over the Manning river and out to the Pacific Highway. For some us it had been years since traversing the bridge which was the route of the old highway before the bypass. Back on the highway we turned north and drove to the turn off to Harrington. Each time we go to Harrington it appears that more building has taken place. The drive is still scenic as it winds its way between water inlets. At the Irish Pub two coaches had booked out the main restaurant. However the lounge area with fire was set aside for other lunches. We had a table which offered glimpses of the Manning River and with the sun streaming in in conjunction with the fire meant that it was all very warm and cosy.

Lunch was tasty and we lingered and talked in the comfortable surroundings. Afterwards there was the obligatory photo opportunity before our group dispersed to make our own way home. All in all a very leisurely and relaxing run. The weather was on the turn and the clouds gathered ominously on the way home. We were still traveling with the top down and just at the turn off to Port Macquarie started to see drops of rain on the windscreen. It is true that as long as the car travels more than 60 kph the rain doesn’t enter however as we slowed for the roundabout at the donut the rain started to be felt. Fortunately there was ample opportunity to pull over and take advantage of just pressing a button whilst the roof unfolded over us whilst we smugly watched the rain become heavier from the comfort of our seats!

Thanks to Graham, Club convener, and Peter for being run leader for a most enjoyable day out in our MX-5s.

Members: Graham Rochester, Peter McDonnell, John and Judith Hansen, Allen and Pam Martin

Text: John Hansen

Photos: Graham Rochester