Hunter Chapter MOTY Winners Announced

12 March 2018 / Article: Josh Fitzgerald Photos: Josh Fitzgerald, Peter Hilkmann

Each year at the Hunter Convenors BBQ (this year Picnic) the Hunter chapter celebrates the winner of its MOTY (Member Of The Year). What is MOTY? Member attendances and contributions to the club get tallied in a list. Each time you attend an event, you get allocated MOTY points for attending. You receive more points if you organise events or write stories or take photos for the Club Torque magazine. If you are the top ranking MOTY at the end of October, you get a nice big perpetual trophy presented to you!

In 2018 the Hunter chapter awarded a perpetual trophy for Hunter Chapter Member of the Year, Hunter Chapter NEW Member of the Year, and for the first time (given 40% of the Hunter participate in motorsports events) Hunter Chapter Motorsports Member of the Year.

The winners are:

Hunter Chapter Member of the Year – This person accrued significant MOTY points, so much so this NEW member beat out all Hunter members by a country mile to take out this award. This member has organised many events including weekends and weeks away and has attended a lot too and also volunteered at local motorsports events. Right from the very start this member has shown an enthusiasm for this chapter and club as a whole that is so admirable and it is so lovely to see him involved again in 2018.

The Hunter Chapter Member of the Year - John Purcell

Now on to Hunter Chapter New Member of the Year – This person is another fantastic contributor to the Hunter Chapter. Always happy to help and jumps in head first at everything. This person took on a volunteer role with the chapter last year and has continued on this year, also volunteering at local motorsports events AND even backed it up with a committee position at Octobers AGM – A position that she doesn’t accrue any points for!

Hunter Chapter New Member of the Year – Christine Cameron


Now for Hunter’s first recipient of Hunter Chapter Motorsport Member of the Year - if you’ve ever attended a motorsports event, you would realise the organisation behind the scenes requires significant contribution of personal time. This person for the last few years has contributed this time without even blinking. His true selflessness is what makes him such a special person and it is truly great when you see him finally get to go out on the racetrack himself! The contributions of this member to the area of Motorsport is huge, with so many track events on you can imagine he’d be a very busy man. He even organised a few chapter runs last year too and led a group to the Convenors Picnic! We’re exhausted just thinking of the effort put in!

The winner of the first Hunter Chapter Motorsports Member of the Year – Barry Luttrell


We'd like to thank the Earl of Sandwich Shoppe at Lambton for providing the fantastic lunch packs for the Hunter Convenors Picnic.

We'd also like to thank Hunter member Grant Webber for his massive effort hand making the Hunter Chapter Motorsports MOTY trophy topper, with parts from several Hot Wheels cars plus a custom made roll bar, interior and paint job to resemble the MX-5 Cup Car!




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