Member Portal Update

17 July 2018 / Bryan Shedden

Due to recent changes by the provider of our membership system, passwords in our membership database are now encrypted and therefore not visible to administrators. Your password now cannot be attached to automated emails, as has been the practice for several years. We apologise for this complication but it is intended to protect the privacy and security of your personal information. Which is a good thing!

All members are supplied with a unique username for renewing membership and managing personal details in our Member Portal. You must set your own password by visiting the Member Portal and clicking "Username & Password" in the top-right corner of the page (see below).

username & password

You will then see a webpage with options for "Password Retrieval" and "Username Retrieval" (see below).

username password 

Enter your email address and username in the "Password Retrieval" section and you will be sent an email with a webpage link that you must click to reset your password. The webpage will look like the image below. Please ensure that you use a secure password so that your personal details are kept protected.

password reset

If you cannot remember your username, enter your email address in the "Retrieve Username" section shown above. You will be sent an email with the username(s) attached to your email address. You can now reset your password by following the instructions above. Please note that the username must precisely match, including upper and lower case letters. We recommend copying & pasting the username into the webpage field. You are welcome to change your username to something that will be easier to remember. Simply visit the Member Portal, click the link for Existing Members, log in and then click the "Update My Details" link.

If you have any trouble with resetting your password or logging into the system, please contact me at or 0422 340010 and I can assist directly.

Bryan Shedden
Membership Database Secretary
Mazda MX-5 Club of NSW Inc.