NatMeet 2014 Update

08 November 2013 / John Tait


Click here to see links to Updates # 1-3. A guide to Concours d’Elegance preparation was promised in Update # 3. Part 1 has been produced but we'll wait until we have the complete article before it is posted on the website. We will also issue a judging guide in due course.

Registration Closed

It seems we may have achieved record NatMeet attendance and we thank you for your support. We have reached capacity for the event and registration is now closed.

Should any of your club friends regret not getting an entry in before this, tell them to contact John Tait to be placed on the stand-by list.

Track Day & Funkhana

Monday 14 April 2014 will be a big day out at Lakeside Park for all and you will need a full tank of fuel. There are plenty of fuel outlets in Caloundra and there is a big BP centre enroute to Lakeside Park to get a final top up.

If you check here, you will see updated information for these events. There is a link to a lap of Lakeside and information about the plans on the day for the Funkhana participants. You are automatically entered for the Funkhana unless you enter the track day sprint and regularity speed events.

So far, 38 people have indicated an interest in the speed event. We hope to open the track day entry link before the end of the year. Details should be out with Update #5.


Don’t forget that this event would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. So please remember to make them your first choice for products or services you may need.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available and would be most welcome. Simply contact us for more information.