NatMeet 2014 Update

06 December 2013 / John Tait



No, we haven’t forgotten the preparation guide for the Shannons Concours d’Elegance and you can expect that next year in plenty of time before NatMeet. The judging guide will also be published early next year. In the meantime, clean up that engine bay and spit polish the tyres.


Marian has been working on some devilish Funkhana tests for your enjoyment. Remember, you get points for competing and even more points for a podium finish. Not a bad deal for lots of laughs. Remember, you are automatically entered for the Funkhana unless you enter the track day sprint and regularity speed events.


Entry for NatMeet competitors is now open. Complete your entry now and get your payments in early. How much you ask? Only $130.00 for one driver and $90.00 for the second driver competing in the same car. Click here to go to the Queensland Raceways Track Day and Funkhana page and click on the link to enter.

This event is open to novice and experienced track day drivers, so don’t feel intimidated if you would like to give it a try. Take this opportunity for a day of driving around an iconic track - your MX-5 will love you for it.

Don’t forget to read A Lap of Lakeside Park. The link is also on the Queensland Raceways Track Day and Funkhana page.


The NatMeet XI organising committee wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We look forward to meeting up next year at Caloundra, so please stay safe and well.

Remember that your final NatMeet entry instalments are due on 1 February 2014, so make sure you include that in your seasonal budget.