New website launched

13 August 2013 / Various

The feedback on the new website is rolling in and it seems that you're loving it. Here is a sample of the comments received, and thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write.

"Just spent the last hour running through the new website. Absolutely brilliant. So easy to use and therefore encourages one to go through everything, including links to pictures and Facebook. Also I look forward to the Buy and Sell service. A credit to all concerned. And many thanks to you all. We are very fortunate to have such a great club with so much happening. Bugger I've run out of MX-5s. Maybe I'll find a really cheap one again. That would make six!"

Bill Dougall

"Congratulations great new website, all who were involved should be proud of themselves."

Mick Consalvi
Hume Smash Repairs

"This is great! Job well done to all who assisted in getting this up & running! Just had a look it's comprehensive, provides lots of information and looks professional to boot!"

Wendy Parsonage

"Congratulations! One of the best and user-friendliest sites I have ever visited."

Tony Nesbitt

"The website looks fantastic! Really well done. Congratulations!"

Cathie Curran