NatMeet - Team NSW Dinner

13 March 2016 / Words by Maree & Steve Ecclestone, Photos by Bryan Shedden & Helen Green

After two days of wonderful MX-5 drives around the Launceston countryside, NatMeet lunches and dinners, it was time for the NSW members to have their own function and see the city lights of Launceston.

Bryan Shedden our President organised dinner for us at The Metz Cafe Bar in town, as well as transport to and from the venue. Thanks Bryan for all those long hours researching. As usual Bryan thought of everything and arranged pre-dinner drinks at the villas to ensure everyone was in the right mood.

The bus stop was very conveniently located around the corner and the bus arrived on time.
The mood on the bus was very jovial and within seconds of leaving, Don Battisson our entertainer for the evening led a very out of tune and noisy version of "The Wheels on the Bus", much to the delight of the bus driver. The rest of the trip was uneventful and we were soon in front of the restaurant in downtown Launie.

Bryan’s selection of the restaurant was inspired as we virtually had it all to ourselves including a big bar. The service was excellent. Don is a very good organiser and soon had the young waitress getting everyone’s order in a very efficient manner. I don’t know whether she was in awe of Don or just terrified but she got the job done quickly and the food arrived. It was a yummy set menu with breads and dips for entree, followed by a choice of gourmet pizzas, fish & chips or baked chicken breast for mains.

The time flew and it was soon time to find our way to the bus-stop and head back to the Country Club Villas. Everyone was even happier now than when we left! We were able to convince the driver that every one of us qualified for a senior’s discount on the fare. He readily agreed even though none of us had a card and many of us were well and truly under the age limit and well and truly over the other limit.

The journey back was much better than the trip in as the route took us up and down the many hills of Launceston and we took in all the sites, pity it was 11pm. The crowd on the bus was quite loud and everyone was enjoying themselves. After a while Don noticed that there was a non-MX5 member on the bus and he very thoughtfully told everyone in a very loud voice that we should not make too much noise and spoil the gentleman's journey. As luck would have it, or more likely common sense, he got off at the next stop.

We soon arrived back at the villas and the party began all over again. Thanks Bryan for arranging such a fun and well organised night out, that everyone appreciated. Don’s contribution to the evening was also very memorable!