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  • Spitfires, Superboats, Kangaroos & MX-5 Cars
    29.10, BreakFast Club
    Spitfires, Jetboats, Kangaroos and MX-5 Cars, join the members of the BreakFast Club for a thrilling weekend waypoint road trip through the bush to Temora sticking to the back roads away from the highways and culminating in a photo op for you & your car with a Spitfire and watching the finals of the Australian V8 Superboat Championship. This run will be over back roads favoured by the BreakFast Club south of the GWH on Saturday and north of the Hume highway on Sunday. This run is a fantastic weekend road trip on challenging roads with the opportunity to do something you have never done before or may not get the chance to do again. See more info.
  • Jinba Ittai Challenge 2016
    30.10, All Club
  • Marques in the Park
    30.10, Canberra
  • Illawarra Dinner Meeting
    03.11, Illawarra
  • Canberra Coffee and Lies
    05.11, Canberra
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Celebrating 25 Years
Celebrating 25 Years

In these days of disposable everything, it is rare that something can last for 25 years. Not only has the MX-5 Club of NSW survived for quarter of a century, it has thrived. So how best to mark this unique achievement? Preparations for the event began many months ago with one clear goal; the 25th Anniversary celebration on 27 September 2015 at Ottimo House must be all about the members. Those who founded the Club, those who have belonged for a few days or many years, and those who will take it into the future.

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