2017 Competition Presentation Night - photo by Keith Monaghan

2017/2018 Motorsport Awards Presentation

19 October 2018 / Ian Combes

Presentation of 2017/2018 Motorsport trophies is on at The Garage at SMSP after the Club Track Day on the 11th November.

Club Torque Winter 2018

Latest edition of Club Torque is out now

11 October 2018 / Words by Bryan Shedden

The Winter 2018 edition of Club Torque is a bit late but is now appearing in your letterbox. If you did not receive the printed magazine and you want one, then there is a probably a good reason why you didn't receive it. Read on ...

Car Spa morning at Lake Cathie

05 October 2018 / Words by John Hansen, Photos by Graham Rochester

Car Spa morning at Lake Cathie, great to see so many clean MX-5's and a short drive to Wingham for a wonderful lunch at 'Bent on Food'.

Bluey's Beach Run via Wootton Way

03 October 2018 / Words by John Hansen, Photos by Graham Rochester

Bluey's Beach via the 'Nurbushring', Wooton Way. Picnic lunch by Wallis Lake, Forster.

Outback Wanderings

03 October 2018 / Story By Brigid Gallop Photos by Natalie Davies

RPM members wandering in the outback...

MX-5 Club Hillclimb Round 3

26 September 2018 / Ian Combes

The third round of the MX-5 Club Hillclimb series on 27th October is now open!

President's Picnic 2018 - photo by Rob Wilkins

Presidents Picnic 2018

25 September 2018 / Words by Michael Soulos, Photos by Rob Wilkins, Peter Hilkmann, Greg Unger, Keith Monaghan, David Bourne

The results and some stats on the President's Picnic 2018 are now available. For all members and visitors attending, the Club wishes to express its appreciation for their participation and support for the biggest annual event on our Club's calendar.

Coffee and Chat Westport Club Port Macquarie

24 September 2018 / Words & Photos by Graham Rochester

Coffee and Chat saw nine members and two guests (soon to be club members) for another beautiful warm day in Port Macquarie with great company and coffee and food as always.

Pub with no Beer

17 September 2018

A group of 4 MX-5s assembled outside Oliver’s at the Port Macquarie Service Centre on 8 September for the start of the annual ‘Pub with No Beer’ run.

Trading Post - Hunter Chapter 2018 - photo by Lynn Davis

Ye Olde Trading Post

15 September 2018 / Poem - Dianne Henderson Photos - Lyn Davis

Follow the saga of Kung Fu Daves journey to Ye Olde Trading Post

MX-5 Cup 2018 Round 6 - photo by Verne Johnson

MX-5 Cup 2018 Round 6 and Final Results

12 September 2018 / Words by Verne Johnson, Photos by Rob Wilkins

The final round if the 2018 MX-5 CUP Championship was run Sunday 9 Sept on the GP Circuit SMP. We had 16 entries a number of whom running in their first round. Coming in to round 6 we had 4 points separating the top three racers competing for the championship. Who would claim the title?

Berrima Courthouse Run

06 September 2018 / Words: Barry Matson, Photos: Barry Matson, Rod Nicholas

Barry leads eleven MX-5s on a run to Berrima, on a winding road through townships often forgotten, and learns that even a 'bad day' can be lots of fun.