BreakFast Club

Do you think driving an MX-5 is all about the journey rather than the destination?

Do you dream about exploring the best twisty roads our country has to offer?

Do you like waking before dawn and going for a top-down drive in the middle of winter, with a hearty breakfast waiting for you at the end?

Yes? Then the BreakFast Club is just the thing for you!

The BreakFast Club was established in 2009 as a means of offering MX-5 Club members the opportunity for a good hard drive, at a time when the roads are most free of traffic. The runs are usually graded as "Challenging" on our Run Grading System, and operate under the Waypoint Rules. Distances can be quite long and on difficult roads - BreakFast Club runs are not recommended for inexperienced drivers of MX-5s.

Note that the BreakFast Club is a "special interest group" and not a regional "Chapter". For convenience, we have placed this BreakFast Club site within the Chapters section of the website.

Peter Battisson and Andrew Lord are the BreakFast Club Coordinators (0417 269 325).

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Upcoming Events
  • NotMeet 2019
    19.04, All Club
    Continuing in the tradition of holding NotMeet at Easter in the non-NatMeet years, 2019 sees us returning to the Celtic Country of Glen Innes in the NSW New England Highlands. This four-day event is a fantastic opportunity to socialise with our Queensland cousins - don't miss it.
  • Pies and Lies
    05.05, BreakFast Club
  • Nurbushring in Winter
    02.06, BreakFast Club
  • Brass Monkey 2019
    30.06, All Club
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