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MX-5 N88B (For Sale) 11 October 2018

3f9eeb3d-99aa-4f09-ab6d-17382c0fa3ee.jpeg 4904bd22-ccab-4461-9fce-63da6d0b8dee.jpeg f4da2b0a-1246-49de-9096-a77c5cee453f.jpeg 2c0c0133-bf0d-40d4-a322-3957566309a1.jpeg 69b198ad-7fe4-47b0-adf4-60201ebe3b37.jpeg 960b644e-b9c0-4ebe-b649-ca9e56e8bc2c.jpeg c9f2058d-ddec-4990-aa8c-4dfa64823f4a.jpeg 8484c40c-9312-451e-b2c1-071636d8a048.jpeg e750e233-7ded-451e-9903-0782be5464db.jpeg
  • 1800
  • Manual
  • 14700 KM
$10,000 View

Mazda MX-5 2001 model, excellent condition. It is a 6 speed manual. Always garaged. Lights have been changed to LED and a mesh sporty gril...

MX-5 NC Supercharged (For Sale) 6 October 2018

dsc09771.jpg dsc09772.jpg dsc09760.jpg dsc09756.jpg dsc09750.jpg dsc04404.jpg dsc04412.jpg dsc04397.jpg dsc04401.jpg
  • 2000
  • Manual
  • 102235 KM
$23,500 View

2006 NC Supercharged RoadsterĀ 102,235klm. Full engineer report for NSW Registration 5 months rego exp 11/3/19. Cosworth S/C...

NB series - roll bar, racing seat, wheels (Wanted) 30 September 2018

I have a stock 2001 NB series MX5. I'm new to the club and looking to do super-sprint and regularity events. I'm just looking to ...

MX-5 NC (For Sale) 28 September 2018

img_7902.jpg img_7933.jpg img_7906.jpg img_7938.jpg
  • 2 Litre
  • Manual
  • 155,500 KM
$12,750 View

My MX-5 (commonly referred to as Hugo) has been part of our car obsessed family for the last 8 years and has been lovingly cared for since...

MX-5 SP (For Sale) 24 September 2018

20180924_102642.jpg 20180924_102646.jpg 20180924_102709.jpg 20180924_102941.jpg 20180924_102715.jpg 20180924_102918.jpg 20180924_102927.jpg 20180924_102933.jpg 20180924_102952.jpg 20180924_103006.jpg 20180924_102654.jpg 20180924_103037.jpg 20180924_103046.jpg 20180924_103053.jpg 20180924_103119.jpg 20180924_103124.jpg 20180924_105128.jpg
  • Kellyville
  • Manual
  • 98000 KM
$22,750 View

This car has been loving cared for by myself and previous owners, the last one, the Service Manager of the biggest Mazda Dealer in Victoria ...

Wheels (For Sale) 21 September 2018


Excellent condition Hart CP35 copies. 15X6.5...

Tow bar (For Sale) 20 September 2018

$175 View

Tow bar for MX-5. Manufactured by Hayman Reese. Removed from my NA6 ...

Number plate (For Sale) 12 September 2018

$0 View

ACT number plate for sale MX5 050 Best offer ...

MX-5 NB8B (For Sale) 30 July 2018

  • 1800
  • Manual
  • 17522 KM
$10,000 View

This car ran as 'The Blue Ant', very competitively, on circuits in N.S.W. The previous owner, Glenn Thomas went to extraordinary and fast...