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ND OEM 17 inch wheels and tyres (For Sale) 7 July 2020

nd173.jpg nd172.jpg
$1,100 View

Set of four OEM 17 inch wheels and tyres from my 2017 RF GT. These wheels are in as new condition...

mx505a NC (For Sale) 2 July 2020

work-photos-latest-289.jpg work-photos-latest-2831.jpg work-photos-latest-2862.jpg
  • 2L
  • Manual
  • 83000 KM
$22,500 View

Reluctantly selling a much loved and cared for Limited Edition MX5 number 1853 of 3500 made globally.

NC3 black wheels (Wanted) 20 June 2020

$123 View

Wanted a set of NC3 wheels.  If you have tyres or centre caps all the better but not necessary.

Suspension (Wanted) 4 June 2020

Wanted NC front and rear adjustable coil overs or lowered spring for track car. Contact Tony if you have some to sell.

15x8 (or 7.5) wheels (Wanted) 30 May 2020

Wanted 15x8 (or 7.5) 4x100 wheels, 30 to 35 offset. Need to be able to fit NB8B...

MX5 ND2.0 (For Sale) 24 May 2020

mx5-2.jpeg mx5-3.jpeg mx5-5.jpeg mx5-7.jpeg mx5-8.jpeg mx5-15.jpeg mx5-9.jpeg mx5-16.jpeg mx5-10.jpeg mx5-17.jpeg
  • 2.0
  • Manual
  • 3500 KM
$43,850 View

EVERYTHING they say about the MX5 is true. It's FUN FUN FUN and that's why I had to own one. I've been lucky enough to own many cars and ...

NB 1 alloy wheels 4 of (For Sale) 25 April 2020

$120 View

Four  NB 1 alloy wheels with Dunlop formula R tyres

headlight lift motors (Wanted) 25 April 2020

Wanted two headlight lift motors (working) for the pop up lights

MX-5 NC (For Sale) 3 January 2020

img_20191211_200951.jpg img_20191211_200958.jpg img_20191211_201011.jpg img_20191211_163813.jpg img_20191211_1637301.jpg img_20191211_164529.jpg img_20191211_163602.jpg img_20191211_1643031.jpg img_20191211_164518.jpg img_9735.jpg img_20191211_164312.jpg img_20191211_1643521.jpg
  • 2000
  • Manual
  • 93000 KM
$23,000 View

Supercharged 2007 Mazda MX-5 NC Series 1 Roadster Coupe In 2015 installed:* Supercharger, * Ohlin coilovers