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NA Wheels (Wanted) 16 June 2019

I am in need of the std set of mags that were fitted to the NA series. If you have a set lying around in the shed please let me know...

Tilta Trailer (For Sale) 14 June 2019

$3,500 View

I am asking $3,500 negotiable for my single axle Tilta Trailer. It is 18 months old with 6 months rego. It has 3, as new,Toyo tyres which...

Advanti wheel (Wanted) 14 June 2019


I'm looking for 1 or 2 Advanti wheels, or similar in pattern. 15 x 8. 4 x 100, 25 offset for my NB. Colour is not critical....

MX-5 ND GT (For Sale) 12 June 2019

  • 2Lt
  • Auto
  • 42342 KM
$25,990 View

Country car, mostly long drives by 2 "oldies". New Pirellis just fitted and rego till 2020. All services by Armidale Mazda...

NC Series 1 Limited edition (For Sale) 11 June 2019

resized_20190611_122515_8721.jpeg resized_20190606_115847_9815.jpeg resized_20190606_120226_446.jpeg resized_20190606_120415_2058.jpeg resized_20190611_123030_509.jpeg
  • 2 litre
  • Manual
  • 249,404 KM
$9,900 View

Just bought a later model for my "last hurrah" as I'm pushing 86. So my old ride has to go. She's got a few k's on her but is reliable as...

MX-5 NB8A 10th Anniversary Edition (For Sale) 10 June 2019

img_5152.jpg img_5159.jpg img_5160.jpg img_5158.jpg img_5169.jpg img_7718.jpg img_7719.jpg
  • 1800
  • Manual
  • 84853 KM
$15,500 View

Immaculate is the only way to describe this MX-5. One of only 150 brought into Australia it is most probably the finest example...

MX-5 Coupe (For Sale) 10 June 2019

d609b3b6-59bc-4474-b4af-78fa692cbcf3.jpeg c830b694-01a4-46dc-ad8a-57759e80b3e8.jpeg
  • 1.6L
  • Manual
  • 42,968 KM
$11,900 View

Well maintained and in first class condition. Red car with black soft top and with Nippon Air Conditioner. Interested parties, please cal...

MX-5 NB8B (For Sale) 7 June 2019

20190421_111520.jpg 20190421_111501.jpg 20190421_111453.jpg 20190421_111442.jpg 20190421_111338.jpg 20190421_111318.jpg 20190421_111303.jpg
  • 1.8L
  • Manual
  • 244,000 KM
$5,900 View

2001 MX-5 NB Crystal Blue with black interior.  I've owned it since 2006 and it's been a great car with hardly ever any problems. Has re...

Soft top suits MX-5 NA or NB (For Sale) 6 June 2019

resized_20190529_0959321.jpeg resized_20190529_0959101.jpeg resized_20190606_1357121.jpeg
$550 View

Complete soft top in excellent condition with glass window and demister. This is an aftermarket top so is much newer than an original one...

2009 NC wheel (Wanted) 3 June 2019

What have you got?

MX-5 ND 30th Anniversary Model (For Sale) 3 June 2019

mx-51.jpg mx5_2.jpg mx5_31.jpg
  • 2.0
  • Manual
  • 20 KM
$55,000 View

I ordered 30th Anniversary model of MX-5 and it is on the way to Australia. The expected delivery date is in late June 2019 ...

Alloy wheels (For Sale) 28 May 2019

$400 View

Four mag wheels off a Mazda MX-5 NC Series 3. Black with a little gutter rash but perfect otherwise...