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Radio/6CD Head unit (Wanted) 15 December 2018

Our CD player has packed it in on our 2011 NC2 MX-5. Does anyone have one they like to sell us? If so give me a call....

Number Plates (For Sale) 15 December 2018


The ultimate final extravagance for your 1992 pride and joy? or Were you born in 1992? (oh to be young again) ...

MX-5 NC Series 2 Roadster (For Sale) 8 December 2018

216.jpg 315.jpg 47.jpg 57.jpg 67.jpg 74.jpg 84.jpg 94.jpg
  • 2000cc
  • Auto
  • 39000 KM
$22,000 View

This car is in beautiful condition. I am the second owner, I bought the car privately in 2011 with 7000Km on the clock and it has been garaged ever since...

MX-5 NC (For Sale) 7 December 2018

83.jpg 93.jpg 3141.jpg 1151.jpg 2141.jpg 461.jpg 561.jpg 661.jpg
  • 1999cc
  • Manual
  • 111711 KM
$17,000 View

Unfortunately it is time I sell my beloved MX-5. It is in beautiful condition, garaged and has been well looked after and serviced regula...

MX-5 SE (For Sale) 1 December 2018

20181110_160259-large.jpg 20181110_160312-large.jpg 20181110_160751-large.jpg 20181110_161103-large.jpg 20181110_154248-large.jpg 20181110_153938-large.jpg 20181110_154202-large.jpg 20181110_154427-large.jpg 20181110_172636-large.jpg
  • 1839cc
  • Manual
  • 90500 KM
$18,900 View

Up for sale is my beloved 2004 Mazda MX-5 SE. I am the 2nd owner of the car since 2009. I have all the receipts from the original ow...

MX-5 ND (For Sale) 26 November 2018

11dsc03976.jpg 11dsc03973.jpg 11dsc03977.jpg 11dsc03978.jpg 11dsc03983.jpg 11dsc03988.jpg 11dsc03990.jpg 11955.jpeg
  • 2.0
  • Manual
  • 15924 KM
$29,600 View

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time carving up corners on the weekend. I have added a couple of modifications aimed at getting the most out...

MX-5 NB8B (For Sale) 22 November 2018

img_31581.jpg dscn13701.jpg img_31651.jpg img_31671.jpg img_31771.jpg dscn1371.jpg dscn1375.jpg img_31831.jpg img_31741.jpg img_3171.jpg
  • 1800
  • Manual
  • 278000 KM
$6,900 View

Factory Hardtop with headliner and demister. Soft top in good condition. Serviced every 5000km with detailed rec...

Wheel or wheels (Wanted) 21 November 2018

Hello all fairly new to the club although my new to me car has been a member for years. I have been working to improve reliability as wel...

Seats from a Series 3 NB (Wanted) 18 November 2018

Wanted to buy a pair of seats in good condition from an NB Series 3. Not bothered whether they are cloth or leather but prefer bl...

Shock absorber (Rear) (Wanted) 17 November 2018

WANTED. A spare set of standard rear shockers for a May 2009 build NC MX-5. Thought maybe a member may have upgraded and have a se...

NA OEM Radiator (For Sale) 8 November 2018

$50 View

NA OEM Radiator in reasonable condition. Rear fins were bumped during removal. I have it packed in box and can be posted ...

MX-5 NB8A (For Sale) 7 November 2018

20181112_084659.jpg 20181112_084745.jpg 20181112_084759.jpg 20181112_084947.jpg 20181112_092549.jpg 20181112_092613.jpg 20181112_085104.jpg 20181112_092716.jpg 20181112_092728.jpg 20181112_084303.jpg 20181112_084327.jpg
  • 1800
  • Manual
  • 155000 KM
$6,890 View

This car has a full sports exhaust with a rorty enthusiastic exhaust note and lightened flywheel ensuring a responsive and enthusiastic performance ...