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MX-5 NC2 Track Car (For Sale) 9 January 2020

$7,000 View

NC2 Track car, can not be registered, stock apart from race muffler and white line sway bars, was second fastest MX5 at track day Marulan...

MX-5 NB8B (For Sale) 8 January 2020

20200107_163015small1.jpg 20200107_163048small.jpg 20200107_163112small.jpg
  • 1800cc
  • Manual
  • 101k KM
$12,700 View

Upgraded to new ND. New ac compressor. New B6 timing belt. New water pump and 100k service. New Yokohama 205/45R16 tyres. Excellent condition

MX-5 NA6 (For Sale) 8 January 2020

img_66181.jpg img_66171.jpg img_6616.jpg img_66151.jpg img_6612.jpg
  • 1600
  • Manual
  • 236,000 KM
$7,800 View

Clean, stock NA, new radiator, new soft top, new clutch, reco EFI, all electrics work. Fun to drive bog stock car. Price negotiable.

MX-5 NC Cam cover (Wanted) 8 January 2020

Must be clean & straight

Number Plates (For Sale) 6 January 2020

$500 View

NSW Number Plates only! The car is NOT for sale! $500 plus RMS charges

MX-5 NC (For Sale) 3 January 2020

img_20191211_200951.jpg img_20191211_200958.jpg img_20191211_201011.jpg img_20191211_163813.jpg img_20191211_1637301.jpg img_20191211_164529.jpg img_20191211_163602.jpg img_20191211_1643031.jpg img_20191211_164518.jpg img_9735.jpg img_20191211_164312.jpg img_20191211_1643521.jpg
  • 2000
  • Manual
  • 93000 KM
$23,000 View

Supercharged 2007 Mazda MX-5 NC Series 1 Roadster Coupe In 2015 installed:* Supercharger, * Ohlin coilovers

MX-5 NC Roadster Coupe (For Sale) 16 December 2019

img-20190801-wa0161.jpg img-20191216-wa0015.jpg img-20191213-wa0405.jpg img-20191213-wa0406.jpg img-20191213-wa0404.jpg
  • 2 lt
  • Auto
  • 75 600 KM
$17,500 View

Selling my MX5 Roadster Grand Touring in Brilliant Black. 2007 Top of the range model. 6 Speed Auto/Manual with paddle shift.

MX-5 NB8A (For Sale) 5 December 2019

betty1.jpg betty2.jpg
  • 1.8ltr
  • Manual
  • 147,000 KM
$9,500 View

Car is in immaculate condition. Selling due to Knee surgery. New seats, Fully overhauled Engine, new coil overs, Typhoon Intake...

Rear View Mirror Chrome Cover (For Sale) 4 December 2019

$45 View

Beautiful chrome cover that fits like a glove over the back of the rear view mirror.

15x9 6UL Wheel (Wanted) 4 December 2019

$0 View

Does anyone in Sydney have a 15x9 6UL Wheel I can borrow for a test fitment over a Brake Setup. Cheers Joe mobile 0403106012.

Chrome Fuel Filler Door for MX-5 NC (Wanted) 2 December 2019


Been looking very, very hard for a new or used chrome fuel filler door for the 2008 NC PRHT.  Can anyone help?

Chromed Seatbelt Top Covers (For Sale) 2 December 2019

$50 View

Chromed Seatbelt Top Covers