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MX5 NC Coupe (For Sale) 30 March 2020

ededb5b2-02e6-4173-a4f6-efc5ac81caf0.jpeg a18588cb-cfae-4113-bcc8-5e13a8b076dd.jpeg be6fcb9a-4075-4345-a976-156a706b0a6e.jpeg 72eb8587-d2ba-47f6-b8ed-455264aa7587.jpeg 8a2a1c5d-845f-45b9-aa16-7b60d0d0936b.jpeg 115464ff-ebbd-42c9-87ea-9bc023aeeacc.jpeg 8adcd797-238f-4c2a-96cc-1f0ee24d2e59.jpeg d1c49b56-31b8-4d7d-975a-4b94f0ae7ff9.jpeg 838328dc-00da-4479-b5fe-157f6bb26c97.jpeg
  • 2.0
  • Manual
  • 31,500 KM
$19,200 View

ONLY 31,500 km!! This car is exceptional value at $19,500. 31500 km on the clock only. Possibly the lowest Km MX5 Coupe...

Bond roll bar...soft top. (For Sale) 24 March 2020

d2066d7e-e042-4d13-84aa-5ff536af44a5.jpeg 83fa4c43-62e4-4300-a845-8f41d7b7acd7.jpeg 5f02554b-2c1a-44d5-a89f-a4cdbcf4fa07.jpeg 070ab8f0-0eaa-42ca-ab13-8fb51d95fa2c.jpeg 613716c2-66fa-41ca-b37d-df7a9b480527.jpeg 650861a3-3bae-496c-9a67-20e3e39a9bb9.jpeg
$400 View


NB8B Motor and Gear Box (For Sale) 24 March 2020

$2,250 View

NB8B Motor and Gear Box - Complete $2250

MX-5 NB8A (For Sale) 17 March 2020

  • Manual
  • 252000 KM
$12,800 View

After 14 years of MX-5 ownership, it's time to set free what you love...

16inch Wheels & Tyres suit NA NB (For Sale) 11 March 2020

dsc_0316.jpg dsc_0317.jpg dsc_0319.jpg dsc_0319_1.jpg dsc_0322.jpg
$290 View

Four 16 inch wheels with 205/45 R16 Hankook tyres. Tyres all have good matching tread, 3 are 2013 and 1 is 2018. Balanced...

Bell Mag-1 FIA Helmet (For Sale) 5 March 2020

20200305_183513.jpg 20200305_183539.jpg 20200305_183607.jpg 20200305_183626.jpg
$400 View

For Sale is an FIA approved Bell Mag-1 Open Face Helmet in size Medium, purchased in 2019 which is in pristine condition also comes with ...

MX-5 NB8B (For Sale) 18 February 2020

img_0229.jpg blue-mazda-at-lue-railway-bridge.jpg p1030438.jpg p3100011.jpg drivers-seat---copy.jpg
  • 1.8
  • Manual
$16,000 View

From day one this car has been a family pet, never used to commute, always garaged and used weekends purely for pleasure. It's in as new condition with a full service record every 10,000ks. At the 100,000 service the timing belt, water-pump, and clutch were replaced. Have receipts.

NB8A (For Sale) 17 February 2020

  • 1950
  • Manual
$16,000 View

For Sale. NB Race car. NB8A import body, full SP/SE spec. 2B Prod sports. Built engine with genuine SP turbo manifold.

MX-5 NB8A (For Sale) 10 February 2020

2451efa2-33bb-42eb-8226-6f2ffc4dbb74.jpeg 3c7a4b64-ccd3-48a4-a5c7-6a58e9d08e90.jpeg bbc81fad-c7e8-4ff7-bb9e-0eb432e9823b.jpeg 77a5affc-d557-4d6c-839c-244c08708b64.jpeg 6bcd567a-ed41-4e9d-967c-caa1dc394db0.jpeg 7e5572c2-ed99-43d6-a228-92ceeb157917.jpeg d6a156e6-5eb4-47dc-99f2-a9d184d75111.jpeg
  • 1800
  • Manual
  • 180k & 300k KM
$6,500 View

Hi I am currently a member of the club but due to a third member of the household arriving recently my partner and I find that we need to...

Tilta Trailer (For Sale) 9 February 2020

82521786_10221597908361684_2240246673781555200_o.jpg 81955380_10221597912001775_1219485401681494016_o.jpg 82630864_10221597912681792_7044927554460844032_o.jpg 82765240_10221597909361709_2235347881328377856_o.jpg 82086404_10221597913281807_3799373158608273408_o.jpg
$3,500 View

Rego until 08/09/2020. In very good condition. Tare listed as just under 400kg, can carry a vehicle up to 1100kg.

MX-5 NA6 (For Sale) 4 February 2020

125.jpg 224.jpg 319.jpg 410.jpg 511.jpg
  • 1600
  • Manual
  • 143000 KM
$12,500 View

1990 Eunos Roadster / Mazda MX5. Built in January 1990, it was imported in 2005. For a 30 year old car it is in good mechanical and cosme...

MX-5 NA6 (For Sale) 29 January 2020

f0662c7b-e9b1-4cea-b3ad-8798f5c8bfb0.jpeg thumbnail_image21.jpg
  • 1.6Lt
  • Manual
  • 250000 KM
$9,999 View

CONVERTIBLE- PLUS FACTORY HARDTOP- worth approx $2000. 3rd owner- always garaged or covered. Highly maintained since new.