Club Torque

Club Torque is the quarterly magazine of the Mazda MX-5 Club of NSW

The magazine is printed in full colour on high quality gloss paper and now typically contains up to 48 pages. Club Torque features all the latest reports on club events including drive days, weekend escapes, social events, and motorsport, in addition to technical tips, media releases, and general articles of interest to the MX-5 community.

The latest three editions of Club Torque are available by clicking on the cover images below. For a complete collection of all previous editions of our Club magazine, please visit the Library. A limited supply of Back Issues are available for purchase.


Club Torque Spring 2017 Club Torque Summer 2018 Cover Club Torque 2018-06 cover
Spring 2017 Summer 2018 Autumn 2018

Club Torque is produced by Mel Keller our Club Torque Editor and Publications Officer. Mel is responsible for deciding what goes into the magazine, collecting the content each quarter, writing special articles, and the magazine design & layout. Club Torque is approved for Print Post and the publication number is 100006993.