Brass Monkey 2019

Sun 30 June 2019
Truck Rest Area past McDonalds at the M4 West Service Centre, Eastern Creek. Starting in 2019 we will have parking marshalls to ensure that no cars are parked in exposed areas.
5.30am for a 6am sharp start
Michael Soulos, 0413 113 399,
Run Leader
Andrew Lord, 0414 323 726,

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CAMS Permit No: 219/3006/02



The Brass Monkey is an annual open invitation event to a charity breakfast organised by the MX-5 Club of NSW from 2015 and the premier roadster run out of Sydney.  The event has attracted up to 250 participants who possess a good sense of adventure and humour to a breakfast venue.  The Brass Monkey should be on all enthusiasts’ annual bucket list if you love a great drive on a cold, crisp, frosty morning in the middle of winter at your chosen pace through the countryside to start your day.  It is not a cannonball run on public roads.



If you have never been part of the Brass Monkey event then don’t be discouraged by a dawn buster run over the Blue Mountains to Bathurst because you think it is too early, dark and cold.  The Brass Monkey has attracted thousands of motoring enthusiasts over the past 25 years.  It is an experience that is worth getting out of bed at sparrows to enjoy in the middle of the year.  Appropriately dressed with the roof down (or windows down in a tin top) and heater on, you will participate in a memorable fun run to raise some money for a worthy cause with like-minded drivers and friends.



Get to Bathurst whichever way chose for the Brass Monkey breakfast.  The Brass Monkey starts running under the stars at 6am down the M4 and waits for nobody.  The MX-5 Club of NSW will chase the Brass Monkey along the M4 and Great Western Highway all the way to Bathurst with Club runs on back roads starting from the top of Mt Panorama circuit from 10am to return across the Blue Mountains to the city limits.  How you chose to get home is up to you with information about a long and short run below.


STARING OPTIONS   If Eastern Creek is not convenient then you are free to park on the side of the GWH along the route and join in the chase after the Brass Monkey to Bathurst when safe do so.


TICKETS   The Brass Monkey Breakfast requires you to register and MUST be pre-paid.  Complete the form via the BOOK NOW button to be activated from 1 May 2019. The breakfast costs $25 per person which includes a donation to CareFlight. There are two options to purchase pay for breakfast:

  1.            Go on line via the webpage and pay $25pp by direct deposit by following the instructions and get checked off the list on the day – ensuring that you use the correct “Reference” if you wish to have your registration recorded.  It is important to use your reference when registering be that “BM +Membership No (ie BM1234) OR BM+Surname if not a member (eBMSmith or BMMonagh if surname longer that 6 letters) when paying $25.00 to CBA Account Name: Mazda MX-5 Club of New South Wales BSB: 062401 Account: 10080286.  Without entering your reference we cannot verify and list you as paid & registered.


  1.            If you do not have access to electronic transfers then contact and an appropriate arrangement for payment method will be organised for you.


Listing of Entrants   Starting from 1 June 2019 a list of the names of people who have registered and had their payment verified will be found at the end of this post and updated regularly until the 28th June 2019.

Return Runs   If you wish to join a Club Run back over the mountains then please indicate when registering to give the organisers some idea as to how may cars will be on each run whose short details are;-

Short Return Run will head off from Mount Panorama on good MX5 back roads to Bowenfels via The Lagoon, O’Connell and Tarana.  From Bowenfels it is up to you if you go over the mountains on the GWH through Katoomba or BLOR through Bell.  This run is a Convoy Run of approximately 85km to Bowenfels with a Run Grading of “L”.


Long Return Run will head off from The Mountain to Perthville then on some exceptional MX5 back roads to Rockley, Mount David, Black Springs, Shooters Hill, Oberon and Tarana to Bowenfels.  This is an exhilarating Waypoint Run of 172kms for enthusiasts with a Club Grading of “H” with some “XH” sectors for your driving pleasure.  How you return back over the mountains from Bowenfels is up to you using either the GWH through Katoomba or the BLOR through Bell. 

CAMS Permit No: 219/3006/03

The distance from Bowenfels to cross over the Nepean River on either road over the Blue Mountains is around 80kms.

MORE INFO on the Events Page of the MX-5 Club website where the Brass Monkey post will be kept updated leading up to the event.

FUN RATING:       Five (5) Star plus

DISTANCE:            Eastern Creek to Bathurst RSL is approx 165km

TYPE OF RUN:       Strictly a point to point Waypoint Run, no run leader, route map or run sheets.

RUN GRADING:    It is up to the individual driver to set a pace that best suit their driving preferences.  A two hour run is graded as a hard run (ie “H” in the Run Grading advice in the More Information screen under Events) whereas a two and half hour trip as “L”.

MORE INFO will be posted weekly from the end of May to kept the page updated in the weeks leading up to the event.



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