Bryan's Southern Run

Sat 20 October 2018
Heathcote McDonalds
7:00am for 7:15am start
Bryan Hicks, 0407 225 064,

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This month's Southern Run for Sydney Chapter will be a quick run down the freeway to Haywards Bay, where we will meet up with the Illawarra Chapter for their Mayfield Garden Weekend. You have a couple of options:

  1. Saturday drive to Goulburn where we will visit the Steampunk Victoriana Fair.
  2. Participate in the whole weekend trip, which will then head north to Oberon for an overnight stay. We will visit Mayfield Garden Spring Festival on Sunday.

Please click here for full details and booking form for the Illawarra Chapter's Mayfield Garden Weekend.

The Sydney Chapter will be going on from Haywards Bay , up the Macquarrie Pass to breakfast in Robertson.

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