Canberra Coffee & Lies: July Special - 2 sessions

Sat 04 July 2020
On Lake Cafe, Bowen Park, Bowen Drive, Barton
9.30 am OR 12.00 noon
James & Giulia Schiemer, 0412 251 156,

Canberra Coffee & Lies (July Special Event)

This event is subject to 'COVID-19 Procedures' introduced by the Club (effective from 13 June 2020).

Coffee & Lies, as many will know, is the place to be on the first Saturday of any month. It’s where you get to catch up with regular Club members, welcome new members, overwhelm prospective members, baffle non-members and generally just fill the time with … well, coffee and lies.

For this month only, we will hold Coffee & Lies at On Lake Café, Bowen Park, Barton (it's off Bowen Drive).

This is a once in a blue moon, ridgy didge, oh my gosh chance to experience our first C&L since … it’s so long since we met that no one can remember when the last one was!

The Club’s 'COVID-19 Procedures' mean we are restricted to only twenty members attending. Since we usually get well over that , we have decided to split the event into two sessions:

  • 9.30 am to 11.30 am
  • 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm.

You need to register for your preferred session by emailing James and Giulia at

Bring a chair, as there is limited seating.

Please note that the following 'COVID-19 Procedures' apply to this event:

  • each session is restricted to a maximum of 20 (twenty) financial members
  • members wishing to attend MUST register by emailing James and Giulia
  • only participants who receive an acknowledgement from James or Giulia may attend
  • all current COVID-19 restrictions relevant to the jurisdiction must be complied with, including social distancing rules
  • all participants are strongly advised to have downloaded the COVID Safe App and are required to carry personal hand sanitiser.

Further information on the Club’s ‘COVID-19 Procedures’ is available at