Club Hillclimb Round 3

Sat 27 October 2018
Ringwood Park, Italia Rd, Balickera
Andrew Digney, 0412 213 990,
Members and non-members: $80

Update 26/9/2018 : The Third round of the MX-5 Club Hillclimb series is now open!

This hillclimb day is designed for drivers that have little or no experience in this type of event, who either would like to try out a new discipline, or are yearning to fill the gaps in their motorsport calendar. It is also the second of three hillclimbs the club will be running as a championship in 2018, and so will offer this additional competitive challenge.

The hillclimb is being held at Ringwood Park Motorsport Complex, which is approximately 20 minutes north of the Newcastle end of the M1 Motorway.

As this event will be run under a CAMS permit, club members will need to hold a CAMS L2S, L2SJ or better licence.

L1 Licences will be available if you have not held any CAMS licence in the past 12 months at a cost of $25. Also provides $25 discount on a CAMS Licence if purchased within 6 months.


The entry process is now completely online at the CAMS Event Entry (CEE) web site. There can be multiple steps in submitting an entry, particularly for dual-entered cars, and it is important to complete those steps in the correct order. We strongly advise you to view the tutorials on the CEE site before attempting to register at the site or enter the event.
CAMS Event Entry can be accessed through the CAMS website (, on the right hand side, under the heading "What can you do in the member portal?"
When entering the event, if you are not an MX-5 Club member please be sure to select a quantity of 1 for the non-member extra, at the very bottom of the entry.

Note that if you are entering yourself in the event as the driver, you will be completing the disclaimer for the day as part of the registration – this is part of the CEE process, so you will not have to fill this out on the day. If you are entering for another driver however, then that driver will still need to fill out a disclaimer on the day.

Classes: Will be ascertained at scrutineering.

The following classes will be used for the 2018 MX5 NSW Hillclimb Championship:

1. Stock MX5 Under 1900cc, 180 tyre tread wear lower limit
2. Stock MX5 Over 1900cc, including stock SE, 180 tyre tread wear lower limit
3. Modified MX5 Under 1900cc, 180 tyre tread wear lower limit
4. Modified MX5 Under 2100cc, 180 tyre tread wear lower limit
5. All Forced Induction MX-5's, and/or all MX-5's on R Spec tyres, and/or over 2100cc

Non MX-5s are able to enter, but are not eligible for competition points or trophies, and therefore do not have a class. Visitors are able to enter, but are also not eligible for competition points or trophies.

Please also ensure your preferred numbers are up to date in CEE, if applicable.

If you have a preferred number in CEE, and you are allocated that car number for the event, you will be expected to provide your own car numbers, visible from 20 metres, on the drivers side door as a minimum.

Supplementary Regulations for MX-5 Club 2018 Hillclimb Championship Round 3

Event entry


Ringwood Hillclimb A6 track