Go-Kart Challenge

Sat 25 August 2018
Awesome Drive Club, Go Kart Track, 735 Burrawan Forest Drive, Lake Innes. Port Macquarie.
10 am at the track
Graham Rochester, 0414846218, midnorthcoast@mx5.com.au

Mid North Coast Chapter of the MX-5 Cub of NSW perpetual trophy Go Kart Challenge at the Awesome Drive Club 735 Burrawan Forest Drive Lake Innes, Port Macquarie. Lunch at the Rivermark Café Hastings River Drive Port Macquarie.

Cost $40.00 per person for 15 minutes on the track.

At the moment there isn't power to the property so there's no timing or internet so timing will be done with a stop watch, unless they get power in the new couple of weeks. One session of 15 minutes.