Harry's Schnitzel Hangout

Sat 11 November 2017
Harry's Schnitzel Joint - Thornton Thornton Supa Centre, 8 Thornton Rd, Thornton NSW 2322
Josh & Lindsay, 0404009304, hunter@mx5.com.au

HERE'S HARRY!  - (Schnitzel and a cruise guaranteed!)

"Who is he? He’s a schnitzel-cooking, wrap-rolling, gut-filling, disher-outer of sweet times. That’s who. He’s a man with a simple but noble mission; to give the people what they want -  and the people want schnitzel!!"

**In my best "Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman" voice:

Shine up your 5 and head on over to the Harry's Schintzel Hangout at Thornton! Hang out front amongst the MX-5's in the carpark chomping down on the best schnitzel wrap you've ever had!! Show off your 5, talk cars (and crap) then head off on a twilight run to I dunno, somewhere! Lets call it a "Show off and shine"!

Proud of the mods you have done to your MX-5? Show 'em off to us and tell us all about them. Have questions about modifications you want answered? Ask those who've done it! No one there done it? We'll still try'n answer them. It may not be the correct answer, but you'll have an answer! HA!
Not into modifying your 5? Thats cool, of course you're welcome as well! Don't like shnitzel? There's other food options too! It's a Harry's Shnitzel Hangout, Anything Goes!!


- OK, coming down off the helium now.... Join us for a bite and a cruise starting with a Schnitzel wrap at the newly open Harry's Schnitzel in Thornton (opposite Thornton McDonald's), hang out amongst the 5's in the carpark talking cars and other stuff and then we'll head off on a twilight cruise taking the beautiful Maitland Vale Road to Singleton for a Macca's McFlurry (or whatever dessert item takes your fancy.....at McDonald's).

Meet at Thornton Harry's at 5:30pm

Head off from there after everyones had their fill

Expected to be at Singleton McDonald's around 7:30 - 8:30pm mark, depending on when we decide to leave Thornton.

Meet Location: https://goo.gl/maps/GjDgjfF6UCk

Destination: https://goo.gl/maps/KWE4NAyhWBq

Google Map Run Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Af2yQRZoANJ2 (WARNING: This link only works on Desktop computers. Google Maps on mobile devices with automatically re-calculate the route to the most direct way - usually boring highways)

Length of Run: Appox 1 Hour to Singleton (66km)