Laggan Lark

Sun 28 July 2019
Spotlight, 6 Bungendore Rd, Queanbeyan NSW 2620
9.00 am for a 9.15 am departure
Wal and Jane Hick, 0478 606 428,

CAMS Permit No: 219/2807/01

Laggan. Blink and you've missed it. 

Which would be a pity, because you could have missed the pig races, or the yabby races, or the car show or a 'great local, country pub', delicious food and friendly staff. 

The pigs and yabbies will have moved on when we get there, but we could start our own little car show (what a beauty it would be) before lunching at the pub. Chances are we will swell the local population by about 10 percent and as we take over the bistro. The meals look most promising ('a range of dishes to suit every diner; from fresh, uncomplicated food and hearty meals to a fine dining experience' - check out the menu at the website and the atmosphere will be inviting and (dare I say it) unique.

This run will be a lot of fun.

Our run leaders - Wal and Jane Hick - have provided heaps of info:

  • start at Spotlight carpark Queanbeyan
  • meet at 9 to leave 915
  • morning tea at Paragon Cafe Goulburn
  • lunch at Laggan Pub
  • find own way home.

What more do you want?

Register with Wal.