Midweek Lunch at the Geranium Cottage, Dural

Mon 21 May 2018
McDonalds Restaurant, I McDonald Place, McGrath Hill.
10.00am for 10.30 start
Brigid Gallop, 0428 114401, brigidgallop@hotmail.com
Run Leader
Ron Gallop, 0428 114401, brigidgallop@hotmail.com

CAMS Permit No: 218/2105/03

RPM will continue to get enjoy a weekday lunch with others who are lucky enough to have the time.  The Geranium Cottage at Middle Dural has a delightful cafe which is quite big enough for our needs.  It is located behind the shop and there is the opportunity to purchase a flower or ornament is you so desire.

The Geraniuim Cottage is at 828 Old Northern Road. Middle Dural.

The garden atmosphere is lovely and I am sure you will enjoy your lunch there.

There is plenty of room in the parking area.

Please RSVP Brigid  at brigidgallop@hotmail.com before 14th May 2018