Millthorpe Markets

Sun 02 December 2018
Behind the Glenbrook Cinema, Parks Lane, Glenbrook
7.30am to leave at 08.00am
Sandra Duric, 0404 462361,

CAMS Permit No: 218/0212/09

Sandie and Paul will lead us over the Blue Mountains and onto the Midwest for the annual Millthorpe Markets.  There are a number of Pubs and Cafe for lunch, and you just might find a unexpected treasure at one of the stalls.

The distance from Glenbrook is 184km and the roads are good.  Due to the distance, we will be leaving quite early from Glenbrook.

Parking at Millthorpe may be an issue as these markets are very popular.

Secondary pickup will be from Blackheath between 9am and 9.15am.

Please RSVP by the 23rd November Sandie and Paul on