Mystery Tour

Sat 11 July 2020
Russell Offices carpark - the carpark is on the right hand side of Kings Avenue when heading towards Russell from the lake and is bordered by Kings Avenue, Russell Drive and Morshead Drive.
10.15 am for a 10.30 am start
Ian Leyton-Grant, 0400 488 803,


NOTE: This run is limited to a maximum of 20 financial members..

Run Leader Ian Leyton-Grant likes to keep his cards to his chest. Why? It's a mystery to me.

He won't tell me where we're going ... all so hush hush.

Mysterious, no?

Join us, and then we'll all know.

RSVP to Ian Leyton-Grant at:

Ian will take registrations on a 'first in' basis to the maximum of twenty members, and may take additional names should anyone withdraw or other circumstances permit additional members attending.

PLEASE NOTE: The following 'COVID-19 Procedures' introduced by the Club (effective from 13 June 2020) apply to this run:

  • the run is restricted to a maximum of 20 (twenty) financial members
  • members wishing to attend MUST register with the Run Leader by the email or the Google forms system set up for the event
  • only participants who receive an acknowledgement from the Run Leader, via email or text, may gather at the start venue and join the event. Under no circumstances will any member be allowed to tag along
  • all current COVID-19 restrictions relevant to the jurisdiction must be complied with, including social distancing rules
  • all participants are strongly advised to have downloaded the COVID Safe App and are required to carry personal hand sanitiser.

Further information is available at