NSW-VIC Interstate Challenge

Sat 14 April 2018
Winton Raceway
Ian Combes, 0433 159 726, competition@mx5.com.au

The 2018 NSW/VIC Interstate Challenge will be held at Winton Raceway. The day will be organised by AROCA and the MX-5 Club of Victoria & Tasmania are organising the Interstate Challenge. We call upon all competition drivers from the MX-5 Club of NSW to make the trek to Winton and help us bring home the Interstate Cup.

This track day at Winton will count as Round 5 of the 2017/2018 Club Championship.

Spectator entry is free and the MX-5 drivers are always happy to see visitors and answer any questions about how to get involved with motorsport.

AROCA have now released the draft Supplementary Regulations and the Entry Form for this event. Both documents are inked below. Those drivers planning to compete at this event should complete and submit an entry form to AROCA as soon as they can.

Note: that the AROCA entry form incorrectly states that the event is on Sunday the 14th April - this is an error as the event in on Saturday the 14th April. If you drive down on the Saturday you will be very late!

MX-5’s will be grouped into 2 or 3 groups, depending on numbers. Don’t pay too much attention to the groups on the AROCA entry form…

The Supplementary Regulations say that there could be up to 28 cars in a group – that would be a busy track, but don’t worry – the numbers per group won’t be that many.

Please read the AROCA Supplementary Regulations – there are some novel aspects to this event that you need to know about. In particular, the sessions are 12 to 15 minutes, so please factor this into your car preparation!

Timing is via Dorian transponders – if you have one, please take it down (charge it of course) – not essential, but it would be a help.

Finally – when you enter, please email competition@mx5.com.au to say that you have entered, as I have no visibility into the AROCA event entries. I need to start sorting out inter-club classes with the Victorian club well before the event. I will double check this against the official entry list from AROCA, but I need to start this long before I get the final list from AROCA.