Oktoberfest! Oh wait.....Churrasco Fest?

Fri 29 September 2017
MEET Restaurant 1/2 Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle NSW 2300
Dinner Reservation 8pm
Helen Green, 0434 960 800, hv_green@yahoo.com.au
See detail in event

So, after Channel Nine causing issues with our original plans we have decided to go Brazilian!
Dinner is an all-you can eat Brazilian meat fest. To quote their site (meet.restaurant):
MEET brings you a range of meats, poultry and sausages spit roasted and slowly cooked from our custom-made barbecue over natural wood and charcoal. We also offer melt-in-the-mouth smoked food from our Texas style pit smoker.

Eat what you want, as much as you want.

Dinner starts at 8pm (as there are two sittings (and we figure people may like to spend more time there with it being a Friday night)

We'll look to meet up earlier at one of the local bars then head over.

Come and gorge!!

Meals are $55 per person (or vego option is $38), kids meals $15

Please RSVP via email/club site as I have to confirm numbers to the restaurant and have so far only reserved 10 seats!!! The sooner the better please!