Pheasant Wood Long Circuit (CANCELLED)

Sun 24 May 2020
7-Eleven Pheasants Nest South Hume Highway Pheasants Nest
6.30am for 7am departure
Andrew Lord, 0414323726,
Run Leader
Michael Soulos, 0413 113 399


It's a dangerous word, particularly when ordering chinese takeaway, a twister at KFC or if you're a character in Breaking Bad.

In this instance, the BreakFast Club has put together a combo that makes perfect late autumn sense. 

This drive will combine fantastic, open top roadster driving on whisper quiet country B roads with a chance to observe some high octane, MX-5 track day action whilst paying homage to the time honoured pastime of pheasant hunting (tweed jacket, cap and 12 gauge optional).

After meeting at Pheasants Nest, we will undertake a short taxi down the Hume before splicing off into the Bungonia Forest to undertake the Pheasants Wood Long Circuit. Taking in the rural hamlets of Bungonia, Windellama, Tarago & Lake Bathurst, this well surfaced, desolate complex of back roads is a driver's paradise. After completing the circuit we will breakfast at The Roses Cafe in Goulburn, renowned for its family owned, homemade attention to detail.

After breakfast, options exist to take in the delights of Goulburn, head home through the Southern Highlands or continue on to observe the thrills of the Round 4 Club Track Day at Pheasant Wood Marulan. If you're thinking about dipping a toe into the water of track day driving, this presents a perfect opportunity to combine a pleasant morning run in your MX-5 with a look into the track day world and a chance to pick the brains of experienced track day campaigners.

Please note that this is a waypoint run and is graded H-XH. Participants should familiarise themselves with the waypoint guidelines and the run grading criteria before attending. More information can be found here: