Pub With No Beer Run

Sat 09 September 2017
BP Service Centre Port Macquarie
8.45 am for a 9.0 am Start
Cathy Lang, 0403425558,


Meet at the "Port Macquarie Service Centre" at around 8:45am to depart by 9:00am.

Follow the mind numbing "Pacific Highway" until reaching the Kempsey off ramp, and take the 2nd left off the round-about, over the bridge and to the "Kempsey South Service Centre" to pick up Wayne and Cath Lang... Fuel up if required.

From here, Cath and I will lead you back across the bridge to the round-about, and we'll veer off towards the township of Kempsey.

Continue until crossing the railway overpass and prepare to turn right into "Crescent Head Road".

Head east out to Crescent Head and up to the water tower if time allows, for a some photos of our group.

After a few snaps, we head back down from the lookout via a short detour through the hillside streets of Crescent Head, then back to the right hand turn at "Belmore River Bank Road", which connects Crescent Head and Gladstone.

Follow the road out to Gladstone, turn right into "South West Rocks Road", then the first left you come to which will be "Kinchella Street".

Stop at the "Old Lodge Gallery" at "8, Kinchella Street" (Phone: 65674660), for our morning tea.

A short drive past the Gladstone pub and back out to "South West Rocks Road" and turn left.

Follow until reaching the left turn-off to "Plummer's Lane" at Jersyville.

Follow "Plummer's Lane" until reaching the Pacific Highway once more.

Turn right onto the "Pacific Highway" and travel to the Stuart's Point turn-off.

Just before reaching Stuart's Point proper, turn left out along "Grassy Head Road".

Follow until the "T" intersection and then turn right, into "Scott's Head Road".

Continue the short drive into Scott's Head where we'll be stopping at the lookout on "Ocean Street" for a few more happy snaps.

From there we go back out to the "Pacific Highway", continuing past the "Grassy Head Road" we'd exited from earlier.

Once reaching the highway, turn left and follow until reaching the left hand turn of "Upper Warrell Creek Road", then right onto "Wallace Street" and continue until reaching "Taylor's Arm Road" at the "T" intersection.

Chuck a left and follow the signs out to Taylor's Arm and the "Pub With No Beer". (Ph: 65642100).

We'll have lunch and you're welcome to have a walk around the grounds. We leave when everyone's ready to. (approx. 90minutes).

Once leaving the pub, we'll follow the road back along the same route until reaching "Jellico Street" on our left.

Drive down "Jellico Street" to the "T" intersection at "Joffre Street" and turn left across the bridge.

Follow what is now "Wilson Road" until we reach the township of Bowraville.

Turn right into "High Street", the main street of Bowraville.

Passing through Bowraville, you are now officially on "Rodeo Drive". (No, not the one in Hollyweird).

NOTE: ***Do not turn off "Rodeo Drive" at any time.***

Pass the Nambucca Heads turn-off, which is "Wirrimbi Road", and keep going until returning back to the "Pacific Highway".

The main bridge at Macksville will be to your right. Enter the "Pacific Highway", cross the bridge and turn immediately left at the other side, for a beer or whatever your beverage at the "Star Hotel".

NOTE: ***This will officially be the end of the run.***

From here, you're welcome to make your way home when you like.


NOTE: ***All distances have been rounded off to the nearest full kilometre.***

Wingham - Port Macquarie Service Centre = 91kms
Port Macquarie Service Centre - Kempsey South Service Centre = 46kms
Kempsey South Service Centre - Crescent Head turn-off = 5kms
Crescent Head turn-off - Crescent Head = 18kms
Crescent Head - Gladstone = 26kms
Gladstone - Jerseyville = 16kms
Jerseyville - Pacific Highway = 12kms
Pacific Highway - Stuarts Point Road = 13kms
Stuarts Point Road - Grassy Head Road turn-off = 9kms
Grassy Head Road turn-off - Scott's Head Road = 9kms
Scott's Head Road turn-off - Scott's Head = 3kms
Scott's Head - Pacific Highway = 12kms
Pacific Highway - Upper Warrell Creek Road turn-off = 2 kms
Upper Warrell Creek Road turn-off - Pub With No Beer, Taylor's Arm = 29kms
Pub With No Beer, Taylor's Arm - Bowraville = 40kms
Bowraville - Macksville = 16kms
Macksville - Frederickton = 47kms
Frederickton - Port Macquarie Service Centre = 59kms
Port Macquarie Service Centre - Wingham = 91kms

Total Distance for Kevin and Carole, Wingham = 528kms
Total Distance for anyone from Port Macquarie = 362kms
Total Distance for Wayne and Cathy Lang, Kempsey = 257kms