RPM Jinba Ittai Go Kart Qualifier 2017

Tue 01 August 2017
32 days (01 August - 01 September)
Luddenham Raceway. 821-849 Luddenham Road, Luddenham NSW 2745
Graham Fletcher, 0409782419, fletcgj@westnet.com.au

RSVP REQUIRED BY 2nd SEPTEMBER 2017 to Graham Fletcher at : fletcgj@westnet.com.au

It's that time of year again to find this year’s representatives for the Grand finale to be held later in the year.

This year, we will be trialling a new qualifying process to see how it works. The qualifying period is from Aug 1 to September 1 at Luddenham Raceway. Compete any day that you wish and let me know what your fastest time is via email or phone. Don’t forget to get a time sheet from the venue and hold onto it. (You may be asked to produce it). This year will be hotly contested judging by the amount of young talent coming through the ranks. We also need more ladies this year, so if you know any up and coming female stars get them involved. (Remember, you must be a club member)

2 x 10 Min sessions $50.00

3 x 10 Min session $75.00

Hire Kart Licenses cost $10.00 and are valid for 1 year (if you got one last year, bring it with you)

Results to be advised / published on the 2nd September via email and phone.