Run to the All Club weekend at Orange

Sat 26 May 2018
KFC Carpark, Eastern Creek, Westbound side of the M4
09.00am for 09.30 start
Chris Wyatt, 0428 604138,

CAMS Permit No: 218/2705/07

Let's get together for a THREE HOUR CRUISE to the dinner at Orange

RPM have been asked to organise a run to Orange for the All Club Weekend and Dinner.

Although the Skipper and Gilligan are not along for the ride the easy three hour cruise, could turn out to be a little bit longer.

The great thing about the waypoint run is that there is no compulsion to follow any proposed route.   We all know the fair weather route to Orange and anyone who wishes to take the direct route will enjoy wonderful views and maybe even a scenic tour once you get to your selected accommodation in Orange.

For those who wish to take the road less travelled (read RPM and fellow souls) we will be suggesting some alternate routes between waypoints.   So whether you be Thurston and Lovey Howell or Ginger, Mary Anne or the Professor there will be something for you

I will be publishing these various routes and tours during April.

Please book your FREE TICKETS by replying at my email address shown here.

Don't forget Sailing time is 09.30 hours on May 26th from the Wharf at KFC M4 west, service centre.

Make sure you have RSVP'd for dinner

Be safe and have fun