See the action at Wakefield Park raceway

Mon 23 September 2019
McDonald's @ EPIC Federal Highway
8.45 am for a 9.00 am start
Jonathan Fox, 0409 594 522,

Jon Fox is leading a week-day run through Gunning and Crookwell with morning tea and lunch, and then on to Wakefield Park via Goulburn, for a look at the last day of a Club track weekend.

Jon is happy to do a walk around to have a look at the cars, meet some of the competitors and answer any questions. You can spend as much time as you like watching the action, and then make your own way home from Wakefield Park, possibly stopping at Bungendore for refreshments.

It is not a full-on race-day visit but an opportunity to go for a scenic drive, enjoy a nice lunch and then check out what goes on within the club racing scene, with an experienced racer as a guide.

If you are interested, give Jon a call or drop an email in his inbox: