5th July MX-5 Driver Training Day

23 June 2020 / Ian Combes

Come and join the fun at Pheasant Wood on the 5th July!
The 2nd MX-5 Driver Training Day for 2020 was due to run on the 5th July.
Unfortunately, although motorsport is starting up again, one of the things we can't have yet are passengers in the car, which makes our usual Driver Training Day impractical. Rather than cancel the event, we'll run it as an un-timed practice day (to keep the cost down) for drivers who already have some experience. Sorry, but we can't have first-timers or juniors at this event, as we just can't make it work...
Cost is only $150, so you should get some really good value for your money. Being the first chance many people have had to get out on the track, it will be a good chance to blow the cobwebs away before the first competition Club track day on the 20th July:-)
The Club really needs your support to cover our costs at this event, so why not come down and have some fun on the 5th July!