A Bridge Too Far

27 August 2017 / Story/Rhyme by Dianne Henderson & Photos by David Gazzard

A Bridge Too Far was the name of the run,
So Hendo and I headed to Maccas at Thornton to start the fun!
20 MX-5s with 32 Maz-thusiasts lined up ready to start
With some coffee and brekkie and a whole lot of heart.

Dave Gazzard was our nominated photographic fella,
While I (Di) accidentally volunteered to be the storyteller.
Lindsay was a legend and took the tail end,
Keeping safe our new found friends.

Off we headed through Seaham and on to the Bucketts Way,
Turned off at Booral to dark clouds and no sun rays.
We were prepared for a bad road with a large crown
But the road workers were onto it and had smoothed it down.

We saw the strangest sight popping up from the trees.
A 10 storey apartment building surrounded by leaves.
A part of the Gold Coast there amongst the hills?
Thought I had popped one too many pills.

We were nearly at Buladelah when disaster did strike.
A roo decided that one of the MX-5s it did like.
Well,  an MX-5 and a kangaroo do not mix!
But Helen, an artist with tape, applied a quick fix.

So morning tea at Buladelah with coffee and cake
Time to reflect on roos, road and the pics we had take(n).
Then back on the road and along the Wootton Way for the main.
Windy roads, beautiful scenery, and a tiny spit of rain.

Finally to Tuncurry and over the bridge to Forster
Filled the car park with MX-5s except for the seafood van - imposter!
Lovely lunch at Beach Bums Cafe with good food not to be missed.
Then we had to part our ways as a night in Tuncurry was on Hendo's and my list.

Waved goodbye to our MX-5 mates as they took flight
And reflected on our day and it's lovely highlights...
What a fabulous run, what a fabulous day!
Our thanks go out to Helen and Grant, organisers extraordinaire, we'd say👏👏👏

2017-08 MX-5 A bridge too far

2017-08 MX-5 A bridge too far

2017-08 MX-5 A bridge too far

David's Photos: HERE