A Mudgee Xmas in July

25 July 2018 / Written by : Dianne Henderson, Pictures: David Gazzard

’Twas the month before Xmas in July that Hendo got the notion 

To tart up the MX5, so he put his plan in motion.
There were mysterious purchases on the credit card
And lots of hammering and cursing … he was working hard.

Then came the day of the run and the big reveal.
What was it that Hendo had managed to conceal?
There were lights, a sleigh, Santa and a crowd of elves.
I’d be surprised if there was anything left on the Xmas shop shelves.

Santa's Sleigh 1Santa's Sleigh 2

So off we headed to meet the MX-5 crew,
Of which there were quite a few.
There was tinsel, weird and wonderful Xmas hats, loud jumpers and fairy lights,
With even a Santa on the back of an MX-5 hanging on tight.

And there was Dave Ho amid much laughter,
Having a piggy back on Santa….could he get any smarter?
So, off we headed to Denman for coffee and cake
With us at the tail end, as 90 was as fast as the sleigh could take.

Santa's Load

Morning tea over and down Bulong Valley we soared
To the sound of Dave’s new muffler giving an all mighty roar.
Stopped off at Rylstone for lunch at the pub.
Lots of full stomachs from the fabulous grub.

Followed a beautiful drive over mountains with scenery so fine
To reach Bunnamagoo Estate outside Mudgee and taste some local wine.
Then off to the Wanderlight Inn for pre-dinner drinks outside near the pool.
Until the temperature dropped and it got way to cool.

Off to their rooms everyone went to don their Xmas gear
Jesters, elves and a reindeer did appear.
All had their fill of a big Xmas dinner.
The sticky date pudding was a real winner.

Then on to the award ceremony with great anticipation,
And yes, Hendo took out the best-dressed car to his elation.
Dave Ho won best outfit for being piggy-backed by Santa all day.
Well done to both for their efforts I would say.


Finally a strange game was played by all,
Which involved shooting from a cow’s mouth a nerf ball.
Grant held the target risking life and limb all for a good cause.
As all gold coin donations went to Care Flight of course.

Day two we headed off to historic Sofala for a morning soiree,
Rescuing Joey Hunter, an orphaned kangaroo, along the way.
We arrived to find the pipes had frozen over, so no water for morning tea.
But the locals rallied, found a carer for Hunter and some hot water for coffee.

Joey Hunter 1Joey Hunter 2

Onwards to Lithgow we flew
Amidst glorious and breathtaking views.
To the Workmen’s Club bistro for our last meal as a group,
And then homeward bound to complete the loop.

Along the M1 with Xmas lights a blazing
To the honking of horns and some eyebrow raising.
Xmas in July 2018…what a weekend, what a blast!
More great MX-5 memories … it just went way too fast!

To Helen & Grant & Alexander … thank you for a weekend of letting down our hair.
I bow down to your skills as run leaders extraordinaire!
Can’t wait until next July for the fun to begin.
Hendo will no doubt be planning to outdo himself for another win!


Link to David Gazzard's Photos