Announcing our Technical Coordinator

20 February 2015 / Words by Bryan Shedden

I'm very pleased to announce that our Club now has a Technical Coordinator who will be responsible for a regular series of technical articles to feature in the Club Zone of our website and in Club Torque magazine.

This role is aimed at fulfilling key aspects of our Club's Reason for Being: promotion of the technical and educational aspects of the Mazda MX-5.

This is a new ex-officio position (not a Committee position) and our major sponsor Peter Battisson from ACDC Pty Ltd has generously accepted our request to have a go at it. Peter has many decades of automotive mechanical expertise, taught the subject at TAFE, and is passionate about helping the MX-5 Club community. We believe we have the right person for the job.

Peter's task will look something like this ...

  1. Seek input from club members on technical subjects that they would like answered.
  2. Coordinate the production of an article from expert sources. The intention is to share this around to a variety of different businesses, especially our major sponsors and chapter sponsors.
  3. Commercialism will be avoided and the advice will be generic wherever possible. Where two or more competing options exist, effort will be made to cover each of them.
  4. Advice will focus on the tips & tricks to advise and educate our members but will not necessarily advocate DIY as many tasks are best left to the pros.
  5. The articles will be published in the Club Zone after approval by the Committee.

Peter obviously has his own business to run, so we need to fit into his timeframe with an initial target of one article per month on the website. Some articles might take a few months to prepare, while others might be answered in only a day or two.

So ....

If you have a technical question you would like answered, please shoot an email to