Bellbrook Picnic

20 July 2018 / Story by Judith Hansen, Photos by Graham Rochester

The Mid North Coast Chapter’s first picnic run took place on Tuesday 17th July, a beautiful winter’s day. We assembled at the Donut/BP Service Centre, a place which has grown so much it is almost possible to miss each other. Perhaps we could designate Oliver’s as our assembly point. Peter the run leader in his NB, Pam and Allen in their gleaming red ND, Greg with his immaculate still very new grey RF which attracted envious glances, Margaret and Murray with their Copper Red NC, Judith and John in their Galaxy Grey NC and Graham the convenor in his Blue BMW-MX-5.

We had a clear smooth run to the Rive Café at Netherby B&B which had been opened especially for our visit. The grounds had been spruced up with interesting metal sculptures which enhanced the riverside setting. The scones were very popular and some of us enjoyed an unusual, but tasty, version of a bacon and egg muffin. Greg left the run here.

Then off to Bellbrook, the road was in good condition and there was little traffic. This allowed spirited driving and a chance to experience the true MX feeling. The road to Bellbrook consists in the main, of stretches of a straight road connected by sweeping high speed bends until a fairly twisty windy section as the road drops to the river, complete with a 35 Kph corner to make things interesting! Although the road goes to Armadale, after Bellbrook the road turns to dirt and gravel which is unfriendly to an MX-5.

Peter led us down to the river and we began to unload our boots. What an experience! Watching Pam and Allen take from their boot, 1folding table, 2 folding chairs, enough small cooler bags and other assorted bags, containing enough food for the whole group was a mind-boggling experience. (Pam has been feeding 3 growing young adults and was In the Zone). Just as entertaining was watching it all be reloaded. If the local Mazda dealer ever has enquiries about the boot capacity of the Mazda MX-5 ND they only need ask for a demonstration.

Our picnic spot was peaceful, and the river was calm and relaxing. It was fascinating to see how far the river had flooded. The tree trunks were covered with mud that resembled termite’s nests.

We all dined well and had to be persuaded to eat some of the inaugural picnic gateau, provided by Graham. Reluctantly we left the peace and tranquillity and returned to the real world.

Report by Judith Hansen

Photos Graham Rochester. Convenor Mid North Coast Chapter.

Members attended: Graham Rochester, Peter McDonnell, Greg Cox, Murray and Margret Osborne, Allen and Pam Martin. John and Judith Hansen.