Binalong Motor Musem

14 June 2018 / Words: Ian Bottcher, Photos: Peter Le

Saturday 9 June saw 17 MX5s loaded with 27 people leave the ACT heading for the Binalong Motor Museum. While the outside temperature was relatively mild, there had been overnight rain which persisted into the morning (albeit lightly), meaning roofs up unfortunately.

Morning tea stop was enjoyed at the very inviting Rollonin Café Bowning where many scones (large) with the mandatory jam and cream fillings were devoured by members. The slab hut café was built to replicate local buildings of the 1800’s, as were many of the out buildings. Hospitality plus can be assured at the Rollonin Café should you be travelling down the Hume Highway and looking for some respite.

Then on to historic Binalong where Gary Keyvar from the RPM Chapter (Bilpin) joined the party. In the 1860’s Ben Hall’s bushranging gang was active in the district. A.B. ‘Banjo’ Paterson attended school at Binalong, before at the approx. age of 10 years was sent to Sydney Grammar School. The railway arrived in 1876 after which Binalong became a departure point for gold shipments from Lambing Flat.

Binalong Motor Museum is a very interesting eclectic collection of motor vehicles of all shapes, sizes and sources. Members enjoyed seeing many vehicles from a Bugatti being restored, Ferraris, a Bolwell, Nortons, Ducatis, a London Cab through to a 1908 MAB chain driven roadster, now powered by a 27 litre 1918 Packard/Liberty V12 aero engine. Members could not help but imagine how this engine would look and go in their MX5!! Would be quite an engineering feat.

With the rain abated and the sun trying to peep through, members enjoyed a picnic lunch under the rustic veranda of the museum, with views over the scenic grounds. After many interesting conversations (one of which happened to be over heard by the next table – something to do with ‘performance’ but certainly not related to motor vehicles!!!) everyone found their own way back home. A very relaxed and enjoyable day.