Car Spa morning at Lake Cathie

05 October 2018 / Words by John Hansen, Photos by Graham Rochester

A perfect day for a car wash and run. Blue skies and a warmish day saw a gathering at our club convener’s house in Lake Cathie. Members assembles were Jill and Peter with their black and dusty NB, John with a dirty grey NC, Pam and Allen with their immaculately clean red ND just to show us how it should be done, Margaret and Murray in their  NB and Graham with not one but two gleaming cars on his front lawn, one being a sporty White MX-3 and the other the trusty Blue BMW.

The wash highlight of the day had to be Jill and Peter’s NB. We were now able to see that it was indeed black. Peter had long maintained that the veneer of dust that gave their car a dusky appearance was in fact protecting it from the elements. After the wash and shine many members thought that perhaps this car had been a ‘barn find’ as it positively gleamed in the sunlight. Washing and vacuuming over we went inside for the huge morning tea that Graham had kindly provided and to meet his black Labrador that had been wanting to join in the washing activities.

What do MX-5 owners do after a sumptuous morning tea with newly washed cars? Go on a run of course! We set off for the historic town of Wingham where lunch had been booked at the very popular Bent on Food Cafe. It gave members a chance to see the newly improved road surface of what is locally called the ‘Ghost Road’ flanked by large silvery gum trees to the Pacific Highway. A careful hop down the highway to the turn off at Coopernook with Jill and Peter being ride leaders. An interesting deviation at Coopernook as Peter pulled into the service station for fuel; followed by a slight deviation to show us the old road to the river before doubling back to take the correct turn off to Landsdowne!

The back road to Landsdowne and Taree is a familiar route for us as it provides an interesting piece of road rather than simply going along the Pacific Highway. The surface has become increasingly bumpy whilst awaiting for the inevitable roadworks. A moderate amount of traffic and although there are several railway crossings on the main Northern Line we have not yet come across a train. Then through Taree and just down the road to Wingham.

Not all that many people around and we were able to park virtually right outside the café. Lunch was a very leisurely affair and as we were a relatively small group plenty of congenial group conversations, a very pleasant way of spending a Sunday afternoon. The run finished after lunch and we made our separate ways home. Many of our runs take us to interesting and historic towns around the Mid North Coast and I took the opportunity to walk off lunch by visiting the historic wharf on the river bank and the local museum again before heading for home.

All in all a very relaxing pleasant day with the added advantage of having a newly washed car. To take home. Thanks to Graham the club’s Convenor and Jill and Peter the run leaders. Thanks to all members that helped out on the day.

Members present:

Allen and Pam Martin.

Jon Hansen.

Peter and Jill McDonnell assistant convenor.

Murray and Margret Osborne.

Graham Rochester convenor Mid North Coast.