Cath's Pub with No Beer

10 September 2017

After arriving late at "The Puma Service Centre" for our own run (great form), we found Peter, Kieran, John, Judith, Greg and Graham already there patiently waiting for us.

A brief chat and the obligatory signing of the run sheet and we were off on our 2nd "Cath's Pub With No Beer Run" out to Taylors Arm.

We couldn't have asked for a better day. The weather was warm with nothing but blue sky above. Perfect for MX-5ing.

Cath and I led the group off to Crescent Head, before turning left out toward Gladstone for our morning tea destination at "The Old Pottery Lodge".

We were met there by Sandie Hammond and Chris Clark, and our orders were taken by the friendly staff. Scones, banana bread, coffee and tea were the norm.

Some friendly chat while enjoying our light snack were taken and then it was time to bit Graham farewell, as he unfortunately couldn't join us for the rest of the run.

Leaving Gladstone, we turned left over the bridge at "Smithtown" to get us back to the highway. From there it was a sedate drive to the "Stuarts Point" turn-off, where we were looking forward to some nice twisty roads to drive.

As it happens, a few kilometers in, we were presented with some nice fresh roadworks, complete with wet clay, just enough to cover our cars in mud. Not impressed, but what can you do? Graham may have had a premonition, and escaped getting his Audi covered like the rest of us.

Before arriving at Stuarts Point proper, we turned left out along the "Grassy Head Road" toward "Scotts Head", and then back out to the "Pacific Nightmare"... I mean, Highway.

A few short kilometers later, we turned left into the "Industrial Area" road to take the back streets through Macksville and down to "Boat Road", which would take us out to Taylors Arm, and "The Pub With No Beer".

It was a nice drive out to the pub, until I couldn't avoid running over a poor 2-meter-long Goanna, which at one stage had passed across to the opposite lane, but then suddenly darted back straight in front of me and unfortunately, I had nowhere to go.

Once we arrived at our luncheon destination, it was time for your chosen beverage, and to order a meal from a good menu selection.

In the meantime, I broke out my "Stagg" soprano ukulele to show our group of friends, and it was quickly taken up by Kieran, who played a few tunes on it for us.

We had a nice tasty lunch and enjoyed some light conversation between ourselves and as quickly as it started, we had reached the conclusion of the run proper, and it was time for everyone to make their own way back to their respective households.

Greg, John, Judith, Peter and Kieran took the most direct way back to the highway, while Chris, Sandy, Cath and I took the back road out through Bowraville and on toward the Nambucca Heads, "Wirrimbi Road" turn-off, where we waved them off as they headed back to Coffs Harbour.

Cath and I continued and completed the loop that would bring us back to Macksville and then after a brief stop, it was home to Kempsey.

Another wonderful day was finally over, and the anticipation of our next gathering is now on the horizon just a few weeks away. We hope to see you all again on that one.  Until then... Happy trails.

Text and Photos Wayne  Lang and Cathy Lang.

Thanks to Kathy and Wayne for a great 'Pub with No Beer Run'

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