Chris' Coffee & Cake Denman

08 July 2018 / Story by: John Morgan, Photos by: Ian Nunn

If Christine had any doubts whatsoever about her idea to run a series of social runs to a
number of her favourite cafes she need not have worried. On Wednesday 4 July 24 people in 14
cars assembled under cloudy skies at the meeting point at Rutherford Maccas.
After the usual greetings, morning coffees and trip briefing we set off proceeding
through the lower Hunter and taking in the marvelous scenery of Lambs Valley. Thence on
through Jerrys Plains to a deviation in the usual route that most of our trips from there to Denman
Chris had given us a teaser at the run briefing indicating that she guaranteed that
nobody in the Club had ever been on this deviation. She also advised that this road led through a
number of dairy cattle properties and that cow pats of various sizes could be encountered .
Therefore, she added, if anybody didn’t want to risk it, they could take the more conventional
Just to indicate what a brave bunch we all were, everyone took the deviation and I am
happy to report that not a single cow pat was to be seen. What we did experience was a delightful
little single lane road winding through the farms and over the hills, eventually leading us back
onto the main road and into Denman. Here the Graze Café awaited us and most elected to have
an early lunch, selecting from the comprehensive menu. All agreed that this place was indeed
worthy of consideration as a `favourite café’ and I am sure the votes for it reflected this view.
After lunch, with a now sunny sky, it was time for group photos out the front of the
café and farewells. This was the first in Chris’s series of runs to her favourite cafes and will take
a bit of beating. I am sure the majority of members who attended this day will front up for
subsequent trips. Congratulations to Chris for coming up with such a great idea and to herself and
John for organising a terrific day out.