Club Track Day at SMP Amaroo - Round 11

09 October 2019 / Words & Photos by Joe Kovacic

A wet and rainy spring day greeted a small field of 45 enthusiastic motorsport competitors for our final round of Club Track Days for the year at SMP Amaroo South Circuit. Welcome to all four of our nervous first timers.

The first session was very wet and group one proceeded with caution onto the track. We had two spins on turn 5 and unfortunately one car hit the wall near turn 15a which ended the day for that driver prematurely. After two complete sessions the track started to dry out just before lunch. After the lunch break, track conditions improved and drivers managed to set some impressive lap times. Unfortunately for one of our other drivers in group 2, they left the track at turn 15a onto the wet and slippery grass and hit the wall ending his day prematurely.

On a positive note, Luke Kovacic driving his Dad’s new NC2 managed to set the fastest lap of the day in a new Class 7 record time of 1:04.04. However, all eyes where on 14-year-old Jaxon Fraser who claimed a win in Class 5 driving his Dad's 1990 MX-5. Jaxon has extensive experience racing karts and this was his first track day after completing a few driver training days at Pheasant Wood. We have a future star in our midst!

With only five run groups we managed to get seven sessions with some drivers getting 43 timed laps. Thank you to all my fellow motorsport officials and volunteers for another successful track day.

The competitive battle continued in most classes. As this was our last and final round for this 2018/19 season, congratulations goes to our Class Champions as follows. Class 1 Greg Unger, Class 2 Bryan Shedden, Class 3 Jie Ren, Class 4 Jamie Martin, Class 5 Matt Tarrant, Class 6 Gus Elias, Class 7 Peter Feutrill, Class 8 Christopher Lowry, Class 9 Malcolm Steel, Class 10 Russ Maxwell, Class 11 Keith Bridgement, MX-5 Ladies Gaynor Lawler.

Congratulations to all the drivers on their round 11 results as follows.

Class 1st Place Time 2nd Place Time
1 Marcio Bianchi 1:09.894 Gregory Unger 1:11.067
2 Bryan Shedden 1:06.616 Jason Atkins 1:08.212
3 Yuki Chau Kam Yu 1:14.402    
4 Michael Tarrant 1:10.479 Phillip Reid 1:12.937
5 Jaxon Fraser 1:07.664 Matthew Tarrant 1:08.398
6 John Karayannis 1:06.298 Alexander Tribe 1:08.373
7 Luke Kovacic 1:04.042 Jie Ren 1:04.923
9 Peter Ewing 1:05.070 Martin Steel 1:05.372
10 David Brown 1:07.271 Russ Maxwell 1:15.934
11 Matthew Pryor 1:05.008 Corey Mitchell 1:06.923

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