Club Track Day at Wakefield Park - Round 10

30 September 2019 / Words by Joe Kovacic

A cool spring day greeted a small field of 64 enthusiastic motorsport competitors for our tenth round of 2018/19 Club Trackdays at Wakefield Park on Monday 23 September.

Thanks to our Clerk of Course Ian Combes for refining his drivers brief, we managed to get out our first group of drivers on track by 9.00am. We had a total of five run groups including four first timers incorporated into Group 5.

As the clouds rolled in from the south we were hit by a rainstorm at 11:45am. As the Grid Marshall Joe Kovacic did not want to stand out in the rain, the track was declared wet and too dangerous to race on, so an early lunch break was taken. With the track drying out over lunch, race proceedings recommenced at 12:30pm. One hour into the afternoon session another storm front hit us this time with some small hail and rain. Race proceedings were suspended temporarily for about 15 minutes allowing the sun to come out again for an uninterrupted afternoon session.

By the end of the day some drivers managed to get seven sessions with some drivers getting 46 timed laps. Congratulations and well done to Keith Bridgement who had is last day in Club Track Days. Keith has decided to retire from motorsport and we wish him all the best in his retirement.

Congratulations to Peter Barnwell on the fastest lap of the day, in a time of 1:08.09. Congratulations also to Jie Ren and Jamie Martin on setting new Class Records. Competition in Classes 2, 5, 9 & 10 is very close with less than half a second difference between P1 & P2. Thank you to all our motorsport officials and congratulations to all the other drivers on their results.

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Class 1st Place Time 2nd Place Time
1 Gregory Unger 1:17.58 Peter Hilkmann 1:19.89
2 James Burke 1:15.18 Bryan Hicks 1:15.42
3 Jie Ren 1:10.18 Eu Foong Loh 1:26.84
4 Jamie Martin 1:13.87 Michael Tarrant 1:16.52
5 Gerardo Martin 1:14.29 Matt Tarrant 1:14.74
6 Gus Elias 1:11.86 John Karayannis 1:12.70
7 Peter Feutrill 1:11.71 Keith Monaghan 1:12.87
8 Ray Estreich 1:11.83 Alan Gibson 1:14.49
9 David Lawler 1:09.31 Malcolm Steel 1:09.72
10 Russ Maxwell 1:08.81 Alan Townsley 1:08.82
11 Peter Barnwell (Evo) 1:08.09 Keith Bridgement (WRX) 1:10.52