Club Track Day at Wakefield Park - Round 6

13 April 2019 / Story by Joe Kovacic, Photos by Rob Wilko

On Sunday 17 March 2019, a damp and wet start at Wakefield Park greeted a small field of 63 enthusiastic motorsport competitors for our sixth round of 2018/19 Club Trackdays. Thanks to our Clerk of Course Ian Combes for refining his drivers brief, we managed to get out our first group of drivers on track by 9:00am. We had a total of five run groups including two first timers incorporated into group five.


The first run was declared wet with the track drying out by the second run. Russell Maxwell managed to forget his keys so he did not get a start until run three. By the end of the day we managed to get seven sessions with some drivers getting 39 timed laps.


Congratulations to Curran Brennan on the fastest time of the day with 1:05.99 which is also a new class 10 record. Congratulations also goes to Magdalena Wilczynska in a time of 1:22.50 which is a new class 1 record. Congratulations to our fastest lady Gaynor Lawler.


Thank you to all our motorsport officials including Luke Kovacic and Tammie Hotz for helping me out on the dummy grid. Congratulations to all the other drivers on their results as follows.

Class 1st Place Time 2nd Place Time
1 Michael DeMaio 1:14.770 Keith Monaghan 1:17.111
2 Bryan Shedden 1:12.728 Mark Janus 1:15.554
3 Jie Ren 1:10.676 Kenny Yau 1:14.408
4 Jamie Martin 1:14.790 Neil Tribe 1:17.549
5 Matt Tarrant 1:15.543 Sean Byers 1:16.259
6 John Karayannis 1:13.239 Costa Passalis 1:15.308
7 Peter Feutrill 1:14.054 Tony Smithers 1:14.167
8 Leo Ascone 1:14.171 Chris Lowry 1:14.879
9 Lou Iezzi 1:09.113 Malcolm Steel 1:10.795
10 Curran Brennan 1:05.999 Russ Maxwell 1:08.945
11 Peter Barnwell 1:08.004 Malcolm Fotheringham 1:13.161
Ladies Gaynor Lawler 1:13.240 Kerry McLeish 1:17.270

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