Club Track Day at Wakefield Park - Round 8

11 June 2019 / Story by Joe Kovacic, Photos by Rob Wilko

A very foggy and cold start greeted a full field of 82 enthusiastic motorsport competitors for Round 8 of Club Trackdays at Wakefield Park. We welcomed 19 members of the MX-5 Club of Victoria & Tasmania who were here to defend their annual NSW/VIC Interstate Challenge title.


Thank you to our joint Clerk of Courses Ian and David and all our other officials on organising such a large event very efficiently. Unfortunately, due to a very heavy and persistent fog that settled on the track, we had a delayed start to the event. The very large field of drivers were split into six run groups including 4 first timers. We used the foggy conditions to give our Victorians and first timers three observations laps behind the pace car. Finally when the fog lifted we managed to get the first group out by 10:30am. After the first session, the Grid Marshall Joe Kovacic readjusted the groups and grid positions to give all competitors the best chance at improving on their lap times. Most drivers improved on their lap times with some very impressive record lap times being set. We managed to get five run sessions with 38 timed laps, which was a great result considering the delayed start and an unusually large number of drivers.


Congratulations to Brendan Davis from the MX-5 Club of Victoria & Tasmania on the fastest lap of the day in a time of 1:02.945. Brendan managed to surpass our very own Todd Herring who also set a new class 10 lap record for our Club (1:03.207). There were a lot of competitive battles in all the Club Classes and Interstate Classes. Sadly for our Club, the Victorians caught us by surprise with a couple of flyers in the final session to boost their tally and claim the title for the NSW/VIC Interstate Challenge for a record fourth year in a row.


Thank you to all our motorsport officials who made the day possible, and congratulations to all the other drivers on their results as follows.

Class 1st Place Time 2nd Place Time
1 Michael DeMaio 1:14.099 Greg Unger 1:17.293
2 Jason Atkins 1:14.851 James Burke 1:17.266
3 Jie Ren 1:10.867    
4 Jamie Martin 1:13.995 Andrew Digney 1:16.567
5 Gerardo Martin 1:13.640 Matt Tarrant 1:14.386
6 Gustavo Elias 1:11.088 John Karayannis 1:12.183
7 Greg Bunn 1:10.404 Peter Feutrill 1:12.457
8 Christopher Lowry 1:13.015 Alan Gibson 1:17.007
9 Phil Ashton 1:10.243 Marty Voormeulen 1:12.043
10 Todd Herring 1:03.207 Curran Brennan 1:04.898
11 Keith Bridgement 1:10.981 Peter Barnwell 1:12.055

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