Donkey Day Out

23 August 2017 / Story by Sandra Duric Photos by Jason Brown

Sunday the 2nd April started with a light drizzle as we headed out to meet up with other RPMers at Gillian and Graham Fletcher’s home. We were praying for fine weather as the first attempt to visit the donkeys was cancelled. The Fletchers led the run up the hill to Berambing, where a splendid weatherboard home stood; this was built in 1920 with the winnings from a flutter on the Melbourne Cup and the current owners Gary and Robyn have put their own stamp on it to create a wonderful home. It is surrounded by lush and beautiful gardens, an orchard and paddocks where the donkeys reside, standing on the verandah the view stretches out over green paddocks to the dam, where the reflections of the surrounding trees could be seen and the mountains in the distance creating a resplendent backdrop to the vista.

Food was plentiful with everyone bringing a plate, Gary on the barbecue and Robyn making sure everything was just right. Awards were presented to Gary for New Member of the year for 2016 and to Brigid who was awarded Member of the Year for her commitment to the chapter, organising mid-week runs and participation in weekend runs for 2016. Mention was made of their partners, who with their help and commitment these awards are made possible, cheers Ron and Robyn. We headed down to see the donkeys, three foals and three Jennys were happy to let us pat and follow them around while the Jack was down in another paddock locked away as he can be a bit amorous. Gary waited until will were all at a safe distance and then he let Jack out just to show us what reaction poor old jack gets when he tries his advances; the Jennys quickly let him know that he can look elsewhere by kicking him in the neck.

Thankfully the rain stayed away and thanks to Gary and Robyn's hospitality a great day was enjoyed.