Driver Training Day on 21st July needs entries.

10 July 2019 / Ian Combes

The third and last 2019 MX-5 Club Driver Training Day at Pheasants Wood Circuit is open for entries!
We need more entries at all levels to make this event a success for the Club.
This is your last chance this year to enjoy one of our Club's fabulous driver training days.
These events cater for all levels of experience, from first timers (never been on a track before), beginners, intermediate, advanced, through to experts.
First timers all receive one on one advice all day from a number of our more experienced drivers in the club, who act as advisers during the day. It's a great way to get started with circuit driving in a controlled environment. Although we do run first-timer sessions at our track days, at these driver training days, you will get much more and varied advice which is spread out through the whole day. For this reason, if you are thinking of trying one of our track days, you are strongly encouraged to start with one of these driver training days first! Plus, for the first timers, the day kicks off with an excellent classroom session from Bryan Shedden to get you started.
These training days also cater for juniors (less than 18). Juniors are always accompanied by an experienced adviser when on the circuit. Due to circuit rules however, we need to run juniors in their own group. In order to run a juniors group we need at least 3 or 4 juniors who want to enter. We have not had enough interest for a juniors group this year so far, so if there are any parents out there with sons or daughters who are interested in improving their driving in a controlled environment, please let us know! All advisers who take juniors out have Working With Children clearance.
These events are also great practice days for Club members with some, or a lot of experience - for $125, you will get 6 x 10 minutes sessions on the track during the day, which is the best value motorsport you will find! No prizes or championship points on the line, but still great fun.