Enter round 6 of the NSW Supersprint Championship

03 September 2018 / Ian Combes

The MX-5 Club will be hosting the 6th round of the NSW Supersprint Championship on the 16th September.

We need two things for this event to be successful for the Club - people to help out on the day, and people to enter the event.

On the officials side, we are looking ok (helped by the lure of a half-price Monday Club Track Day!), but entries are slower coming in than we would like.

If you haven't though about entering - there are lots of spots remaining, so have another think about it!

If you haven't competed in a NSW Supersprint before - it's just like a Club track day, but do read the technical regs re classes and scrutineering requirements first.
Entry is via the CAMS Event Entry System :



Entries will stay open until the 9th September.

For more information, please see: