Harry's Schnitty Twilight Run

23 November 2017 / Article: Yasmin Allen, Photos:: Josh Fitzgerald

Early Saturday evening on the 11th a whole bunch of us from the Hunter Chapter met up at Harry's Schnitzel in Thornton. The car park was surprisingly crowded but we managed to fit most of our cars into the one section, with the exception of one, who decided instead to park with the Ford club (boooo). After chatting, looking over cars and procrastinating for the good part of an hour we headed into Harry's Schinitzel Joint, queuing almost back the the front door then nearly filling the seats once served.




Our meals were prepared fairly quickly despite the numbers and having no advance warning, and the schnitzels were tasty (ask for the secret menu if you want to try some unusual flavours) and the thickshakes are highly recommended.

Once our bellies were full we bade farewell to those not cruising with us, including a pair of visitors from the central coast, and headed off on or way.
We won't mention the wrong turn our run leader Josh led us through on our way out of Thornton (maybe he was worried about Lindsay following up as tail end in Stephen's Porsche), but we were thankful that after Josh and Josh in the two lead cars left everyone else behind when we got caught at the first set of lights, the rest of the group caught up quickly and we were back on our way all together.
What followed was a beautiful sunset drive, roller coastering up and down along the winding roads through the aptly named Hillsborough. We continued after dark, passing the beacon like glow from the occasional farmhouse then Josh and I nearly drove into the back of the run leader's car when smooth Josh forgot how close the intersection was. We finished just beyond a very strange intersection at Singleton hospital, pulling into McDonalds to grab a hot drink, or a colouring page for some, then heading home for a well earned rest.
More Photos: HERE