Historic and Classic Vehicle Registration Scheme

07 August 2019 / Words by Keith Monaghan

The registration process for the club to offer Historic Vehicle Registration should be finished within the next 4 weeks.  This has been an extensive process requiring modifications to the club’s constitution and the development of procedures for the system.

It is critical that members understand that vehicles registered in the Historic Vehicle Scheme must be standard.  The registration authority in the state will check these vehicles even at the owners’ home to make sure that they meet the requirements of the registration.  A standard vehicle must have no modifications i.e. if the wheels are not standard or the car has a roll or style bar or even tinted windows for example it is not eligible for Historic Registration.

To cover the modified cars the club has joined and been accepted as a member of The Council of Motor Clubs. This allows us to offer our members registration under the Classic Vehicle Scheme. The club hopes to have this available to its members by end of August.

The club will keep its members informed via the newsletters.

Thank you for your patience.