Historic and Classic Vehicle Registration System

18 June 2019 / Words by Keith Monaghan

The Mazda MX-5 Club of New South Wales is in the process of setting up the systems and regulations required to meet the needs of the various bodies to be able to offer both Historic and Classic Vehicle Registration.

The Historic Vehicle Registration system has some very stringent requirements for the club to meet to be part of that scheme.

This has required us to set up new by-laws, develop procedures and enlist volunteers to help run and maintain the system.

We are very close to getting this running and when the approvals are received we will notify our members.

I developed and distributed draft procedures and by-laws to our committee for comment. These will be modified as needed and be put into place so our registration can be submitted and approved.

The club will set up two systems: one for Historic Vehicle Registration and one for Classic Vehicle Registration.

The Historic Vehicle Registration system is for standard vehicles with little or no modifications at all.

The Classic Vehicle Registration system is for modified vehicles that have been modified within the guidelines of the motor registration laws.

It will be up to the owner of the vehicle to assess which system they run under and register for that particular system. The club will then assess the vehicle to that system before allowing the vehicle to be registered.

We will keep you informed via the website on the progress of setting up these systems.

Any questions please contact the President by email.